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Nine-Tailed Fox
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  • rofl i've been on here the last couple of days. salty and i have been looking at the old embarrassing threads he and i made when we first joined.

    sure, just message me on skype whenever you're on. i'm usually around, especially lately. i've had a really bad flu so i've been stuck in bed for a while. finally getting over it. but it'd be nice to catch up. i don't even remember when the last time we talked was lol
    I will keep my fingers crossed for your quick return. :) Yeah, it does seem that way. But I always spend 100s of hours on them, so I'm not worried. XD Me and you could always trade and stuff!~ Aww, I'm sure yours will be fine! ^_^ I want to see yours too.
    i'm pretty sure tumblr is eating asks because i sent you like two messages

    oh well

    thanks for the follow star-chan!!!! =w= have a kawaii day
    Ah, I see. Hope you aren't gone for too long, I like chatting with you.:3 Thanks, I need all the luck I can get. Lol, probably by the time I get Y everyone else will have grown bored of it lol. XD I can't wait to see your entries! :)
    no i tatooed the message onto my chest and actually stood outside your house for 5 hours hoping you'd notice

    check tumblr again...
    Lol, I was starting to wonder if you had forgotten me. XD I'm doing fine, trying to fond a job, cuz I need the money badly. I have been reading a bit, playing Pokemon Black (Wish I had Y), and thinking of writing something for the Halloween contest.
    >leaves nice comment thanking star for tumblr follow
    >girl doesn't even reply

    wow is star even your real name :////////////////
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