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  • no problem!XD
    thanks and im going to make another charter, of the poor class, as soon as i can!
    Sorry, I misread what you said. What system(s) did it come out on?

    I have a great English teacher. She's very. . .unique, but in a good way xD

    I've got to go for now. Talk to you later!
    I'm one of those Oblivion - Skyrim converts. I didn't really like Elder Scrolls at first since it was totally different from any RPG I had ever played before. I was used to the kill stuff get EXP style. But when I found out that the game was deeper than that, I sort of got frustrated and quit. Funny thing is, one day I was watching my friend play and I noticed that I heard a bear coming at him - but there was no bear. And my words were as such:

    "Is that an invisible bear?!"
    My friend kept fighting it and it made the noise again.

    And from that day, I've been a fan of Elder Scrolls. I still sort of was impatient with Oblivion so when Skyrim came out I was ready to get some. :D
    I don't have a ps3 either. but yeah, for any rpg, the story almost always the most important.

    I'm don't really have a favorite. . .The subjects I like the most are the subjects for which I had the best teachers. Although, I do like philosophy and religion, but those aren't exactly one subject xD What's your favorite subject?
    Yes, I've heard of The Last Remnant. I heard that it was really good, I'm guessing that since you put the main character in your avie that you must like the game?

    Well, I'm doing a Bio project involving leaf collecting and a group English project rewriting Henry VIII (a play by Shakespeare). The people in my group project don't all communicate though, so I dunno if everyone's on the same page. Have fun with the rp! Don't worry, a lot of people get a little nervous at the start of an rp ;D
    You're Welcome! We can always use friends =D

    My internet access is super restricted and my parents are very restrictive, so this might be a stupid question. But, who is that in your avie?
    Aw, thank you so much. I'm the one that's lucky to have you guys. <3 But I've still got quite a ways to go, considering how little I post(outside of FI). I'm trying, slowly but surely. :>

    Amelia: I hate waiting...

    Agreed, I know the weapons, the magic, the abilities... as opposed to reading the wiki and picking out what to use as I go.

    I'm not sure if I'll ever be completely over it, but I'll get better. (Helping, I'm happy that you're trying to help me out with this. :'3)

    I'm not sure, I keep messing up. That's why it's taking so long.

    I'm happy to join! Both my templates are up and awaiting your approval, sir! ^o^

    I'm the one who took forever to get back to you. ^^; Again... I'm doing great, had my birthday party yesterday!
    no no, i hadent told you it was this week i had thoughten it was last week!XD

    Nah, it's something with the forums. It's fixed now. :) Currently out right now, so I'll work on a post after I get home.
    Complicated things, that make me want to bite my nails in anticipation. While at the same time I eagerly await a good friend to come on, so I can wish him a happy b-day and tell him his request is finally done! xD turned out quite well surprisingly. A lot different from originally planned.

    Okay :3

    Oh~ good luck with that.
    I'm into pretty much anything that can hold my interest. I'm a pretty big player of World of Warcraft but my subscription has been expired for a while now so I can't play and my computer is getting repaired so I'm using my mom's atm. I don't own any consoles except for a PS1, PS2, a GameBoy Advance and SP, both of which are either broken or somewhere in the house I live in. When I do get my hands on my computer or other console I'm into first person shooters, especially halo. I'm a fan of Street Fighter III: Third Strike and am an aspiring player. Haven't gone to a tournament yet but I plan on it in the summer. Recently, I've developed an appetite for survival horror games and love Resident Evil and Amnesia. Big fan of Elder Scrolls and recent Thief convert from being a bie-hard warrior.
    going on a chorus trip to a compotition to an amusment park!if i told you this last week...i was a week ealier...
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