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  • Oh, I even promised to be here to welcome you, but I keep missing when you come on... I'm sorry, I've been so busy lately.
    You're very, very welcome, my friend. Come back to Madman's again sometime. :D
    Thinking of you, wherever you are.
    We hope for our sorrows to end, and pray that our hearts will blend.
    Now I will step forward to realize this wish.
    And who knows? Starting a new journey may not be so hard. Or maybe it has already begun.
    There are many worlds, but they share the same sky.
    One Sky, One Destiny.

    Muramasa, I know I'll see you again someday soon. I'll wait here for you as long as it takes, and I'll be here to welcome you back. See you soon.

    Haha, oh you~ Thanks!

    Rice needs a lot of water, so it's basically a bunch of puddles, imo.

    It'll take a while, but that's where I'm aiming! :D

    I like it, too, when I'm careful. Cool pictures, interesting tumblr pages, funny posts... etc. :3

    Still searching, but I haven't had the chance to go much of anywhere yet anyway. ;3; (A small stone, perhaps? X3)

    *U* You saw it? Thanks, I worked hard, I was so glad when he said he liked it!

    Well, I hope to see you soon, Muramasa. Good luck in whatever it is you're doing. I await your return so we can revive Epic Reborn. We can't let it die, after all..
    You should. It's your creation and you have every right to it. You might need help with a few things from time to time but you're the reason why it exists.
    You can probably have the High Rulers send players some kind of map or whatever or have a universal announcer for the game to tell players what's up next.
    Alright, no problem. Just let me know if you have any ideas involving anything with the RP including plot twists/plot development.
    Really? It did? :D I'm getting better? Hooray! Thank you so much! ^^

    Oh, wheat, how could I forgot, I see wheat just down the road from my house. There aren't any corn field really close by, though, but I have seen some. I think I saw a rice field once, too. Water everywhere.

    Yup, the right to close our own thread and customize our user title will be awesome to finally get! :DDDD

    Kind of like Google in that aspect. Just be careful what you search for, and you'll probably enjoy using it. :3

    I hopw so, it's the state capitol... if not, I guess I'll just search for the location of one and ask to go this summer. (I think the name is cool, too. Wonder where they got it.)

    I've decided to give to to Lan as a birthday present! I have to finish by Wednesday!

    Tired lately. Lots of school projects. But still happy. You?
    muwhahahahaah course you fell for it~ laugh at it sir it'll make you feel better. no, no you wont.
    (X'D i love that pic~)

    actually kh3d was mentioned in it o3o it was a nomura interview tho.
    Kind of changed my mind and I'm not going through with making it. Too much dedication and work to do, sorry.
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