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  • When it really comes down to it, your best bet is to just read the posts of advanced RPers and sort of mimic what they do in some way.
    Quite some time (sort of). The forum I used to be in had "playwrite" style RPs. Not all of them but a good deal of them when I began RPing. RPing became one of the major things of that forum.


    *Muramasa walks into LCB's room and takes his books*
    Muramasa: lolol I have your books.
    LCB: Don't touch my books.

    The content wasn't like that, but the format was. Eventually I started to pay attention and began doing the third person narrative style RP posts.
    You're doing pretty good on your own. The only thing that you'll have to work if you run into it is the fluidity of the plot. I can help you out if you have any questions on anything really. The thing I'm really good at is fight description.

    RPing is just great in my opinion. I went crazy when I finally understood how things worked.
    I've been RPing for pretty mych the beginning of my forum career which began at 13 if I'm not mistaken. It sort of peaked at 15 when realized how much I love writing.
    Do you need me to sort of tone it down with the abilities? I made them seem a bit too powerful but they're pretty moderate in reality. I based him off of the "Meat Shield" archetype, y'know? Someone that can take a lot of damage and dish out some too.
    oh i did i had inf magic to spam his sword beams with >:D

    haha i see you know the in's and outs of it now >:}
    I can take the lead if you want, I'll post as soon as I can. My computer won't let me on, so I'm currently on my phone. It's only the dog/wolf.
    I'll get started on my template soon. Where can I find information on the classes? I'll probably make a Warrior or a Knight.
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