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  • It's better to try and fail, then to not try and miss an opportunity. Go for it, pal! ^^ Hope it works out!
    Cool! When you get one, I'll add you on PSN. ^^ ------ Well, I guess I knew she was special when I met her. It got to the point where I knew I wanted to always be there for her. To protect her when shes in trouble, and comfort her when shes sad. I knew she was my sunshine. ^^ It took a bit of courage to admit my feelings, but it paid off! I'll always do everything I can for her. :) I hope things work out for you too.
    I've been good! Been online on my PS3, talking to Kagy over the phone, you name it. ^^ I missed you, pal.
    Done and done!

    *A sparkly clean and changed Zephy coo's*

    Now then, I also went ahead and googled how to properly bound and gag someone, so give me a sec *Ties you up and shoves a banana peel in your mouth* Perfect! Sorry mate, but me and Zephy are gonna have some pancakes, and I can't have you saying anything to Mega, she'd kill me! =D

    *Starts frying up pancakes*
    Lost! *Glomp* How's it goin' Bro?

    I was wondering, ya know, with Megs so busy with school and all, and Me and Zephy left alone..

    *Holds up a dirty, wailing, naked baby with a pair of industrial tongs*

    Basally, my character, myself, has forgotten his past of what happened in Birth By Sleep and has been living in Destiny Islands with Sora and Riku until the arrival of Kairi then well, the true story happens. :) He'll be learning about what happened from couples of FF characters and one member of the O.13 who, somehow is able to bring out his darkness for him to use it during his adventures and finding out about the events that made him lose his memories of his past.. It'll be interesting. :)
    Well, you're happy then I'm happy! ^_^

    Canon characters, for sure.. it wouldn't be Kingdom Hearts without the canon guys. :)
    xD Yes, yes, it does. So, how's your break going?

    Well, I'm thinking of me being like Terra and Riku in some terms, but there will be some little connection of what is going on like Kingdom Hearts Final Mixes.
    I think you're definitely that smart, don't sell yourself short, you're simply amazing~ :D An honor's society? Like Beta Club, or something else? Wow, I'd love an iPod like that, even though I don't listen to music a lot. :p I think we're going ice skating at a rink a few towns over. :> You?

    I understand that, I wouldn't mind it as much if she told me because her other friends suggested she let me know. She probably did it to spare my feelings, but it still hit so hard, I just couldn't believe it. That's a really good motto to live by.
    Hello, Lost! :D We need time to talk! xD It seems we never get to talk much lately with life and stuff going on in our lives.

    Also, I'm thinking of starting a story about me in Kingdom Hearts, but I have hard time trying to get to it, lol.. turns out I do my story out by acting.. Ha. I guess it'll be hard to put it on paper or in this case, thread. xD
    That's good! A yummy dinner for Christmas, some new games, cookies, movies, and then we'll celebrate here too! o3o It sounds like you did a good job though! Don't worry! ^.^
    Wow! You have been busy! At least you had some fun right? xD

    An honors society? That sounds interesting. o3o

    Oh really? Ha ha, sorry! I've just came back yesterday! I only came here a day or a few minutes after being so busy with Christmas and Thanksgiving, and just being with my family! Going to the park and all. ^^

    And school. o3o
    Wow, you scored that high? That's amazing, Lost, you're practically a genius! And wow, an iPod, I've never had one of those~

    Oh, I guess I have. I thought I had made a best friend, but she left the school a few weeks into the first semester and didn't even tell me until it was all final. And one of my other friends may not be coming back after the break...
    Loooooooost!!!!!!! <3

    I am so glad! I've missed you so so so much~

    I'm great, now that finals are over and I'm finally home! How are you doing? I agree, we have a LOT of lost time to make up for, haha.
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