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  • well i got the fierce deity mask in majora's mask yesterday XD it was awesome!

    loll still rping~ that might be a wait dont those thread go up and down in viewings?
    Nu uh! I'm not being a chicken! I have better things to do right now :3

    I'm doing good, bit confused but that should pass eventually. Yup I am. Well sort of. You have!? Thank you, glad you like it so far. Anything you want to request? And how are you Masa?
    I don't mind, it should prove to be interesting. :) And I can totally understand being driven crazy by not being able to get on.
    I only have a fanclub because Chiman made it for me~ He's the real awesome one. And I've been here a lot longer, so it makes since I have more posts. I'm still very slow at posting, though.

    Amelia:Hmph. Well, I have nothing to prove.

    That's why KH RP Templates can be made quicker by me. :>

    I think, right now, he'd be the only dog I wouldn't be afraid of.

    Still not done... But I've made quite a bit of progress on it...

    How is that coming along, then? :3

    (I said I'd reply more quickly and took days to get to this...) I'm not doing much right now, just trying to write the next chapter for my story.
    probably wont be able to look at it to closely today, just got back on my DA account since about a year ago so im busy with that. but i will tommrow!
    hmmmm...maybe something with epic in the title, since we are taking elements from the book.

    oh, and i think we should be able to do the rp!
    Yes, amusingly so. Especially whenever I mention Gram. What is going on between you two anyways, to get such responses, lol?

    I think I'll call you Masa. Fits you better than King, imo ;)
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