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  • xD well after you said it i went and looked and i lol'd i posted an image you used was gonna change it but i got nothing better.
    i do write if when i can think of one that im satisfied with :3

    dont worry about it my friend!and hurray!hes backish!thats great!thanks for telling me!
    what image? :/ the one in her thread? that was just a thing i found on google her real present was posted in her club.

    ever get FF13-2 then?
    Before my anniversary on here, I'll get there, I hope.
    800+ down, about 200 to go. Where oh where to post...?

    Amelia: I'm that way all the time.

    I have to check on wiki for some of the attacks, too, but I still know a lot about how things work. :> I think so, too, we're pretty good at this!

    Are there any fears you're working on overcoming? :3 (No need to be worried. :D)

    Now that I'm done, my scanner refuses to work...

    :D Yay~ So, we register on a computer? Or just join? Or... what?

    Oh, no, it wasn't my birthday! I had my party early because my mom was going to be busy on my real birthday! So you didn't miss it. And you're most definitely not a horrible person. :D
    Sorry, but I'll have to decline. I have too much to do right now. It was nice of you to ask tho.
    pffft my excuse.

    you in charge now? >:D you got yourself into is cause you got taken by the rp section like i said you would rp boy~

    nothing playing DMC on ps3 and watched that legend of korra.

    im trying to catch up on one piece right now, but i will make that charter soon!
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