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  • Hello everybody! We have tons of new awards for the new year that can be requested through our Awards System thanks to Antifa Lockhart! Some are limited-time awards so go claim them before they are gone forever...


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  • Yes, I'm super happy about that. :D
    And I really wish he will be playable in KH3. I will be very upset if he isn't.
    And... :DDDDDD
    If I didn't have such a huge school assignment right now I would be ranting.
    Oh yeah I am, when I first saw it I cried. Literally.
    And I'm so happy with how far the fanclub has gotten too. Makes this number one Riku fangirl so proud. :'D
    I would spend literally most my time at the fanclub too, it's my first and last pitstop every day. If you would ever ask me how I love Riku, I would start a big discussion about it. I'm so happy his new KH3 look was put into the website:
    Cool! Who's your favorite Bakuman character? Mine is Shinta xD I just love him and his stupid stories, especially the love story he wrote. I laughed so hard :D
    I loved "the fault in our stars". I really want to read another of his books but wasn't able to yet due to a lack of time. Can you recommend one?
    Hey Max its been awhile are you capable of changing peoples names? Or am I misremember if your a admin or not XD
    Hey there, Max! I'm sorry I haven't messaged you on FB yet. I'm almost finished (I've already done 2 versions of the cover), but the exams and tests have been kind of stressing me out lately. Just wanted to tell you so you don't think I stopped or didn't want to do it anymore. ^^
    Danganronpa V3 has been so good omg but why must my precious students kill each other omg no
    Hey, I wanted to say I got your post on FB. I just haven't been able to reply to it.
    Just wanting to let you know I saw it. And you're welcome. :)
    A school nearby me got to go to Disney World for a band performance there, lucky them. My school is too cheap and never could afford it, their money mostly goes to athletics and cheerleading. Band can only get money buy selling Poinsettias every Christmas. That's cool you went to Disney World, I've always wanted to as a kid. I would have gone to Disney World awhile ago but an issue came up. Still not giving up on ever going there though. I'm too old for those classes haha. I've seen a Dojo downtown for family, hopefully I would be the right age. Ik I wouldn't be able to do it this summer cause I only have 2 weeks till school, and I'm already stressed getting supplies and shoes as well as my first marching band performance at a football game. Might have to be next summer when my brother is graduated and working. He wants to save his money from work to get a PS4, possibly a Wii U so I can get Breath of the Wild. First game I'm getting for the PS4: KH3 without a doubt.
    I have some of Link pics you may like. If you have a Facebook I could send them to you.
    I've been trying to relax lately, last 2 weeks was a hassle with marching band practice for 7 hours everyday.
    I was amazed at the fine arts festival I went to for band made it on YouTube even showing me at some shots. But I'm very "camera shy" though. ^-^
    Tomorrow I have 2 hours of practice for marching band to freshen up my memory of drill and music, also practice next week on Tuesday.
    Also, your About Me says you are a Martial Arts Instructor. Is that true?
    My father wants me and my brother in Martials Arts for self defense, also you seem to live close to me by state.
    Max, I gotta say that's an awesome avatar you've got!
    But other than that, how are you? Never really get to talk to you much so I'd thought I would stop by and chat. :)
    Hey, Max!

    How are you doing lately? :3 I just wanted to check on you and see what you're up to, really.
    Just wanted you to know that I have begun to re-read all of the posts in Sword Art Online: Recurrence/Rebirth to keep remembering it and watching all episodes of Sword Art Online. :D

    I don't care what people think of it, I love it for the story and the characters. Even the moments is worth it! In a way, roleplaying is something like that; the moments between us here online and in the rp are just cool. :3

    So, if you're interested in joining up a roleplay that combines both KH and SAO, I'll gladly be happy to see you here! :D Of course, it'd be rude for me to say that without you seeing it. I think it's in Roleplaying section and the thread is there, I think.
    Got it.

    You know, it just occurred to me that the photograph of the entire Phantom Thieves reminds me of the entire films of Ocean 11, 12, and 13, but I rather think of it as Now You See Me since it gives off the entire heists vibe. Plus I can't get the lyrics from the soundtrack like 'Life Will Change', despite the fact that I am actually deaf. xD
    Wow, I didn't know it gave that much impact to you throughout your life. :O As far as RPG goes, I think Persona 5 is the first I've ever used my name (separate file!) and it feels so cool! xD

    Speaking of Role Plays, I'm wondering if we're done with Sword Art Online: Recurrence/Rebirth. Because you brought it up, it made me realize we've never made any progress on there and I'm so wanting to continue it; After all, my character needs to hook up with Crystal! xD And I can't forget about CLASSIC. God, so much potential ideas and arcs that I wonder if I should convert some of my ideas into a story. It'd be Classic!
    Ah, gotcha. So, we're both waiting then, huh? Who knew that would happen..? xD

    Seems to me you love the name 'Max' more than anything else everybody got floating out there. xD Not that it's bad, but I think your name for characters needs to be updated more and it won't make it so bland. :3 Just my thoughts on it, though. I do wonder when there will be an anime of Persona 5? It seems logical to do as Persona 4 had two of it, though I prefer to the original anime rather than Golden despite the fact I like Marie's arc. :/
    Nice! :D I'm proud of you, Max!

    I, er, should really try to finish up Persona 5 soon as I can before I actually start a new game fresh from the package, lol. :3 And speaking of Persona, when are you going to put another post up? I think I did mine in response to SH (it feels weird to type his name out without it being so awkward..) and now it's just matter of waiting for you guys to fuel up and play, play, play!!!!

    One more thing: We're so rocking the Persona avatars we have here with you being whatever you named your guy while I've got Rise. :3
    Oh, nice! Indeed, it's not everyday we find Rune Factory fans around. Nice to see another one around. Need to pick up and play the series again one of these days though. Ever since my save data in RF 4 got screwed up I have been on a huge hiatus on the series. Not a fun experience after the hundreds of hours I had in the game...
    Anyway, what's your favorite game in the series? I'd have to go with a tie between Frontier and 4. I barely even know why I love Frontier so much, to be honestly. The load times frustrated me to no end, but I was still captured by the experience. Though having played 1 I kinda had to ask myself why Mist forgot we were married.
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