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  • Ohhhhh you're so lovely. <3
    Man, I haven't started V3 yet. I have it sitting on my shelf waiting for me. I'm actually trying to wrap up Ultra Despair Girls real quick and I'm about 6 episodes into the Danganronpa 3 anime. I hear really good things about V3 mixed with some divisive opinions about it's ending though, so I'm really curious about how that will go.
    Psst, hey... You, yeah you, wanna come down this dark alleyway with me and talk Danganronpa?
    Whoa whoa whoa, hold the photo,
    I was just wondering why you rhymed like Dr. Shantotto,
    How was that for a first attempt?
    Hey, you're that guy that rhymes occasionally right?
    Why do you do that? I'm curious.
    Um...I'm just wondering..

    Idk I just want to make sure I'm talking to a girl or maybe someone who's feminine. If you use different pronouns I'm ok with that.
    Sorry it's just that I'm straight.

    Ok so can you give out honest answers now?

    And I have to eat my lunch now.
    Ok well what if instead I just...need a friend? Someone to talk to? I think it makes a huge difference and idk why I admit that but I guess I'm not afraid to admit that all I need is a friend..that's really it, I guess.
    OH MY GOD OK.....you're rhymes are killing me now. Why???
    I turned on my Wii U but I'm not playing the game because I've been battling with myself internally for the past few days and I'm trying to recover and maybe even love myself but maybe it can happen if I have a friend who motivates me to look into myself inward and appreciate myself more in a more spiritual sense?
    Idk..this came from losing myself into other people because I think that I can be everyone's light and I ended up looking for acceptance through others when I know that it's a bad thing but yet I keep doing it. I started to have tons of anxiety and panic moments when I start talking normally and opening up that I start to feel bad.
    I'm scared that I can't find someone to have a real and normal conversation with someone..tbh.
    Oh ok, well um...tbh I forgot that our conversation existed because you didn't get back to me for a few days so yeah.
    Why are you making things rhyme?....Stop, stop this right now.
    Sorry I'm kind of not really in a good mood but I'm gonna try to lighten up my mood by playing Mario Kart 8 now.
    Message me another time.....or something.
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