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Recent content by Max

  1. Max

    Lit ► KHI Book Club - What are you currently reading?

    I've been reading a few things lately: .hack//Zero - The Phantom Pain. This .hack book finally got a fan translation, and the book is fantastic. So many tie-ins to the rest of the series. And then I recently finished all of the Drakengard 1 novellas, the Drakengard 2 novella, the Drakengard 3...
  2. Max

    The Roleplaying Tavern - Stop by for a pint!

    This is canon.
  3. Max

    Best Quotes of KHInsider 2.0

    KHI lore lives on forever in this thread. May the sacred texts be forever kept safe within.
  4. Max

    One Year Ago Today

    Happy KHI-iversary Keyblade Knight!
  5. Max

    Final Fantasy IX

    I liked Zidane's voice actor, but I also wouldn't be opposed to a recast. I also wasn't a fan of Kuja's VA.
  6. Max

    Any oldies around?

    I'm something of an old-timer, but still not as far back as you. I'm not sure if we had any interactions in the last, but it's always nice when vet members pop back in.
  7. Max

    Original ► KHI Holiday Writing Prompts 2021!

    Sorry it took me a minute to read this, been busy with the New Year's weekend and I didn't want to rush read it. I finally had time to sit down today and give your story a read, and I loved it! I love the idea of the heartless have these conscious thoughts, thoughts that even call back to when...
  8. Max

    Chain of Memories Spritework Appreciation Post

    I actually prefer the GBA Chain of Memories to the PS2 remake. Call it nostalgia or what you will, but I think a part of the GBA version's charm came from that beautiful spritework and the character portraits that accompanied them. From a storytelling/consistency standpoint, I could see someone...
  9. Max

    Art Showcase, any critiques would be appreciated.

    These are great! I went through some of your old stuff too, and it's amazing how much of it I'd believe was official if I didn't know any better.
  10. Max

    Original ► KHI Holiday Writing Prompts 2021!

    Who knew that in the KH lore Santa not only brings holiday cheer, but also makes our boys sad and contemplative 😂 Hey, anytime! I meant to tackle some of the prompts myself, and I still might, but I've actually been writing a couple other things for fun lately, shooting some writings back and...
  11. Max

    Original ► KHI Holiday Writing Prompts 2021!

    Way to instill sadness in my morning right before work 😂 For real though, that was really good, I could picture it as a cutscene in the next entry! Maybe they could visit Christmas Town first and ask Santa for help!
  12. Max

    THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU [roleplay chatter/ooc thread]

    This would have been way funnier if the site would have let me upload my GIF, but alas.
  13. Max

    THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU [roleplay chatter/ooc thread]

    Actually, this is the third time for you and me, buddy. Persona, SAO, and now TWEWY.
  14. Max

    THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU [roleplay chatter/ooc thread]

    That's fine by me. I didn't have any intention of writing Rhaps out of the Roleplay in the first place, that way if she did come back she could still hop in with us. My only idea I'd had was a vague or ambiguous reason that someone else had to take over, and we'd just leave Kam be with her...