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  • Wow, I didn't know it gave that much impact to you throughout your life. :O As far as RPG goes, I think Persona 5 is the first I've ever used my name (separate file!) and it feels so cool! xD

    Speaking of Role Plays, I'm wondering if we're done with Sword Art Online: Recurrence/Rebirth. Because you brought it up, it made me realize we've never made any progress on there and I'm so wanting to continue it; After all, my character needs to hook up with Crystal! xD And I can't forget about CLASSIC. God, so much potential ideas and arcs that I wonder if I should convert some of my ideas into a story. It'd be Classic!
    Ah, gotcha. So, we're both waiting then, huh? Who knew that would happen..? xD

    Seems to me you love the name 'Max' more than anything else everybody got floating out there. xD Not that it's bad, but I think your name for characters needs to be updated more and it won't make it so bland. :3 Just my thoughts on it, though. I do wonder when there will be an anime of Persona 5? It seems logical to do as Persona 4 had two of it, though I prefer to the original anime rather than Golden despite the fact I like Marie's arc. :/
    Nice! :D I'm proud of you, Max!

    I, er, should really try to finish up Persona 5 soon as I can before I actually start a new game fresh from the package, lol. :3 And speaking of Persona, when are you going to put another post up? I think I did mine in response to SH (it feels weird to type his name out without it being so awkward..) and now it's just matter of waiting for you guys to fuel up and play, play, play!!!!

    One more thing: We're so rocking the Persona avatars we have here with you being whatever you named your guy while I've got Rise. :3
    Oh, nice! Indeed, it's not everyday we find Rune Factory fans around. Nice to see another one around. Need to pick up and play the series again one of these days though. Ever since my save data in RF 4 got screwed up I have been on a huge hiatus on the series. Not a fun experience after the hundreds of hours I had in the game...
    Anyway, what's your favorite game in the series? I'd have to go with a tie between Frontier and 4. I barely even know why I love Frontier so much, to be honestly. The load times frustrated me to no end, but I was still captured by the experience. Though having played 1 I kinda had to ask myself why Mist forgot we were married.
    If you can, go buy Project X Zone 2 in the future. It's dirt cheap now and you learn so much about dormant Sega, Capcom and Bandai Namco franchises. Kazuma and Majima are based off their Dead Souls incarnation too so the combat style is really fitting for them.

    I personally never played a Yakuza game before so that's why I'm so intrigued to get myself into Yakuza 0 (as I'm aware it's a prequel from a lore perspective). As far as Kingdom Hearts 2.8 goes, there's no loss in getting it later on so don't feel as though you lost your loyalty to Kingdom Hearts.
    Yeah, funnily enough. I got into Yakuza through Project X Zone 2. It's an ultimate Sega, Capcom and Bandai Namco crossover franchise developed by Monolith Soft (the Xenoblade Chronicles developers). Ever since Sega Sammy existed, Yakuza has been the only consistently successful Sega franchise post Sega Console era (excluding Valkyria Chronicles). It's only fair that status is maintained. Besides, Kingdom Hearts 2.8 will have a price drop in the future so you can have a bargain for it then (that, and the fact that it'll be covered to death regarding theories).
    Have you decided whether to invest into Yakuza 0 or Kingdom Hearts 2.8 yet? Personally, I'd recommend Yakuza 0 because 2.8 is fairly minimal with content in comparison.
    Beat Catherine. Story was great. Gameplay was stupid tough. But I totally knew what she was the whole time! It made too much sense after the first night to me.

    Kinda funny having Akihiko talking with Kanji and Yosuke too
    I do accept it in a good way haha, no worries.

    Never got American Nightmare, kinda cool it took place near me in Arizona but idk, just never got around to it. Still sad about Alan Wake 2 taking forever: Introducing the Alan Wake 2 you will never play | Polygon check out that link once you finish, can't remember if there are spoilers are not, but I'm assuming yes.

    No online for 2. And yes, those were a long pain, I did them originally on 360. I kinda enjoyed though but once it got to the point of just having a group and grinding just to be done with it, it got annoying haha. The PS4 list took them out, got the platinum in less than a day haha. I actually I got each game's platinum in less than a day. Then DLC at a later time. I didn't even need a guide for the original since I played it so much on 360 haha.

    Yeah I think I've seen those babel trophies or something are impossibly tough? I'd possibly follow a video guide for the hard mode puzzles if I keep getting stuck. But alright, that sounds like a good idea then without a guide for the first run. I'll just save in certain spots I saw, like day 6 and 9 I think? Should make the endings pretty simple to get after I get my initial one. Just gotta make sure I keep an eye on the other missables like helping your friends and getting all drinks I saw. I'll probably decide on the platinum after I get everything except the hard mode trophies. Either way, I think not using a guide on the first run will make it a more impactful experience for me. Thanks man, I'll let you know when I finish it!
    Finished the BioShock Collection 100% on all three games finally, so getting to Catherine tomorrow! Hype.

    Would you suggest playing without a trophy guide the first playthrough? Then playing the second run with a guide? Or just start with the guide right away? I don't know the story spoilers aside from the general ending names, and I don't know if the platinum will be feasible for me or not but I'd still like to get as many trophies as I can.
    Not a problem, been busy as all hell these past couple weeks aside from the sneak in here while procrastinating haha.

    And yeah, duh, forgot it came out on PC as well. You'll have to tell me what you think when you finish it, and make sure to do the dlc too!
    Still need to get an Xbone and play Quantum Break, but with the massive wave of games coming out until summer practically I'll probably manage. Scalebound looks amazing too, so I'll probably have one by the time that comes out.
    You really playing Alan Wake? Literally my favorite 360 game next to Gears and BioShock, enjoy it! Still waiting for a sequel after six years ;-;
    It's cool, man. School's started back up for me, so I've been busy. Is everything going all right with your move?
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