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  • I also get what you mean being short on reading time though, my backlog of books is huge.
    Haha, Shinta is hilarious! Even though it may be typical, my favorites were definitely our leading boys though. I think I always floated more towards Mashiro despite relating a lot more to Takagi haha.

    And The Fault in Our Stars certainly was awesome, the book was much better than the movie (another typical thing to say, but oh well), if only because they cut out pretty much the last third of the book though.

    I've read all of John Green's books except for the most recent so far, and while I would recommend them all, I think I would say either Looking for Alaska or Paper Towns, those are my two favorite books of his. Looking for Alaska was the first book of his I read and I finished it in two days, it really is something special. But I think I might like Paper Towns better.
    Also, John Green in your signature, soooo yeah, you're good in my book haha

    I'm loving it so far. I've been quite addicted to it, I'm on Chapter 8 already (hence why I haven't visited KHI during last few days). So far I've found the new characters in this game more interesting than the ones in the first game. And I like that they added Phantomon, one of my childhood favorites, to this game.

    How about you? Have you been enjoying it?
    Ah, na gut. Das erklärt einiges.
    Yep, inzwischen habe ich es von einem anderen Laden. ;P

    Nun muss ich nur noch Zeit finden es auch zu spielen. :D
    Super, I don't see as bad as you do. With Vegeta, it makes sense that he acted that way at first towards Beerus. They put in a flashback showing Beerus from his childhood being a dick to his father & subjugating him. Vegeta definitely saw some shit & was told to fear him. Frieza was also scared of him, so it's not inconsistent there. Vegeta was just trying to keep Beerus' mood calm. He didn't enjoy it & he was putting aside his pride to make sure nothing bad happened. If anything, Vegeta's character is consistent with his previous portrayals.
    Piccolo, considering he's Gohan's old mentor, it makes sense that he'd hang out with him enough to have to look after Pan every so often. Hell, he's probably the best choice considering who her grandparents are. Chichi's too strict, Goku's always training, & Mr. Satan's a bit much.
    Goku's characterization, though, is the most inconsistent in the franchise. He went from a happy-go-lucky kid to a fighter to a completely hopeless idiot. I get his Saiyan genes would make him wanna train as much as he does, but you can't blame DNA for sheer stupidity & ignorance. That's a fault of the character. Vegeta's not stupid like him, neither is Gohan or Trunks. The jury's still out on Goten since he really doesn't have much character development or presence in the series. At least Trunks got some character moments when his alternate future self came back in time again & they interacted. Goten gets NO focus moments at all. He's more of just being there than anything, or at least to be like Goku when he was his age. I'd love for us to get a read on Goten's character than just being kid Goku again, especially as he ages, but he's just not being utilized for some reason. Even in GT, he got shafted, but that's the least of GT's problems with its writing. The series has a lot of potential, but Toriyama would rather focus on tournaments, but at least there's a lot he's apparently planning out for future stories. There's just more that they can do as well.
    I get how you feel! It's nice to have someone who understands you. ^^ I'm usually quite reserved when it comes to my opinions, lmao.

    Yeah, I feel like Days could have been handled better. I don't hate Xion but I wish more focus was on other characters there as well since we didn't see them much in KH2. Namine and DiZ, Riku, not to mention the other Organization members. I was thinking that maybe Riku could have been the playable character instead? I wonder how that would have gone down. XD Maybe Riku and Namine could have tried persuading Roxas and Xion to return to Sora, and in the end when they wouldn't comply, Riku would have to take drastic action, killing Xion and capturing Roxas. Honestly RAX is my favorite trio of the KH series (as I said in another thread, I like to make parallels between them being Nobodies and mental illnesses so seeing them forming a friendship makes me feel warm inside), but I feel like Days overall had lots of wasted potential.

    And yeah, Kairi is a PoH. She can do stuff without needing to fight. Namine doesn't fight and she does stuff. o-o Kairi was helpful in KH1 so I really don't understand the decline of her character. Even if Kairi did get more development, I still find Namine and Aqua more engaging as characters (Xion feels kinda bland to me personality wise). KH's writing isn't the best, I'll admit. I think that they have so many amazing ideas, but the execution kinda falls flat to me. Like with BBS, I loved the ending so much, but the beginning and middle...idk, there was something about it that I didn't like. And then there's Apprentice Xehanort who's literally nothing more than a walking plot device to explain why there can be two Ansems and then later in BBS to explain why the real Xehanort is an old man. ...And then there's the time travel. XD

    I also didn't really like the models so I'm glad they're reworking them. QAQ

    I'd highly recommend the original movie, it was really good. ouo Anything would have been better than a friggin fruit bat. Seriously, I don't like the Dream Eaters. QAQ I wish we could have just befriended Heartless and Nobodies instead. I mean, they are in a dream so there it could be possible. XD I just don't like petting when it's a part of the gameplay. I don't want to actually care for them like they're real pets dammit. QAQ It makes me feel like abusive when I don't take care of them, but it's like...I can't be bothered to play the damn minigames or touch them even if I need to.

    That made me laugh. XD Yeah, a KH friendship isn't exactly ideal. You'd need waaaaay more than aspirine, lmao.

    I can understand most of the KH games, but DDD...I did research and read the wikis but there are still so many things I'm unclear on even though I tried finding the answer. Like, why did Sora and Riku look younger? Are they dream versions of themselves? did they go back in time and possess their old selves which would change the future anyway so that's kind of impossible? And how are Sora and Riku able to time travel? Why was Ansem SoD there on Destiny Islands? Did the Xehanorts know everything that was going to happen? (I know YX said "no, not everything" to this but that only makes me ask more questions dammit) Where's Terra? What exactly are the capabilities and limits of YX's time travel? If this was all fate, does this mean that YX was always meant to meet his future Heartless? Why did the 13 Seekers "run out of time"? (These are all rhetorical questions by the way, don't worry, I'm not actually asking you for answers. XD) I'm just making the point that DDD is still incomprehensible to me. Before playing KH I knew the reputation it had of being a really complex and impossible to understand story. I think this game is why...XD UX is also confusing to me with its multiple dimensions and all, but I haven't played the game or done enough research.

    Ooooh nice! I like games with multiple possible endings and outcomes and such. :3 I've written some rpg's myself but they're mostly just ideas for plot points, characters, locations, music, etc, and so far and I have yet to actually properly make them as an actual game. XD

    Thanks! Hopefully you'll get a new cell phone too. QAQ How is UX (as in, the gameplay)? I can't play it cause I have no space but I'm still interested in it. XD
    Yeah. Goku's flanderization is definitely a problem. I don't say that as someone who's only known the English dub representation either. His portrayal just doesn't make sense when he's had moments portraying him as anything but selfish. It's arguable how much of that was intended by Toriyama, but they were still there. Toriyama's had memory problems with remembering his franchise already, so it's not hard to imagine that he's having a similar thing with Goku, especially if he's going off of Goku's personality during the Buu saga, where he DID start to slip into a more selfish demeanor, but steps up to the plate to right his wrongs not just because he wanted a good fight either.
    Sora is someone who's kind of similar, but at least he's been consistently portrayed as a normal person in most iterations, but DDD just didn't do that. It decided to portray him as someone who didn't take things seriously whatsoever until he's forced to & that's not Sora at all. I'm just hoping he's rerailed by 3, which the ending of BBSAFP kind of shows, so hopefully he is.
    Hey veevee i am so sorry about not responding to you sooner it just told be right now i had a notification on my page i know its a bit late but i was able to figure out certain things mainly medals like the the christmas sora were being dropped by the big eggs, as far as nick and judy goes though i only saw it during the hard raid boss events, if they dothis event again the way they did it last week i will spend all monday non stop with my 2 profiles to make sure that the guide gets up to date
    She was only really a big deal in KH1 (and even then Ansem SoD was the man behind the man). After that, she's just been kinda...there. Serving no purpose whatsoever except to find a goddamn book. o.o And then KH2 kinda ruined her character by making her even more of a non-threat who returned for inexplicable reasons. And YES! You worded that really well. XD KH has so many great ideas but in my opinion some of them are executed poorly. Like Days introducing Xion, I feel like Roxas should have been the one to experience her existential crisis story, maybe develop on the whole RokuNami thing in KH2 and have the Roxas v Riku fight be more like a final boss, instead of sacrificing everything for a new character who's doomed by canon anyway. And myyyyy god Kairi getting a Keyblade in KH2 like that infuriates me too. They could have at least said something like "oh, because Kairi went inside Sora's heart she unintentionally gained the Keyblade", at least THEN it would have been her own actions that caused her to get one. Also I'm not asking for Kairi to be a skilled fighter or anything, but I would have loved to see her do more than kill a Shadow and say "oh, I got one!" Hell they're even aware of Kairi being pushed aside (which she really is) because they made a big deal in 2.8 about her potentially getting screen-time in KH3. XD

    It makes me feel like the whole plot of 0.2 should have just never existed. ;u; I don't have a PS4 (yet) so I haven't played it sadly, and since I already have DDD on my 3DS I don't intend to buy it. XD About the story, if they just had Namine from Re:coded tell Mickey more info on the TAV, which would then lead Mickey to tell Riku about Aqua after DDD, then I would have been fine with that. But nope, now we have a game that pretty much affects the ending of KH1, Riku's story in CoM, KH2, and Re:Coded in a negative way. Like...why? Why Nomura? </3 And yeah, the graphics and music in that game are at least really amazing. It's certainly unique for a KH game since you're basically wondering in hell, alone. o.o

    The fact that we'll probably never fight Frollo with Hellfire in the background is quite depressing. I know right?! I didn't even care about them at all. Maybe I'm just heartless but I also didn't care for them and I found all the petting and minigames to be burdensome.

    Yeah, they're so busy breaking up and fighting that they never really get the chance to...actually be friends. XD I loved Riku working with you at the end, that part felt so epic. ;u; Maybe we'll get something like that again later, hopefully.

    It makes me think that the game that gives KH it's reputation of being convoluted is mostly 3D, honestly. With all its insane retcons and time travel and all that.

    I think we all have high hopes, lmao. I certainly do too.

    Nice. *^* It's great that you have your own team so you can make all this stuff together. I'm also going to be one of the planners and composers for a small team of close friends I have later, we just all need to meet up since we live far away. XD What kind of games do you usually write the story and characters for? ouo And yeah, shelves don't have much variety. They're friggin shelves. XD

    Thanks! ^^ I have made lots of stuff, but I can't really send them yet since I need to mix and master them properly but my current computer isn't very good and waiting to upgrade it. Someday I'll send you something when I get the chance though. *^*
    Next we'll get a game dedicated entirely to MoM's box, I can see it coming. ono And yeah, that's one of the many things in 0.2 that really bugged me. Mickey finding out about Aqua's fate during KH1 just...idk, it really does affect the rest of the story in a negative way. It's not like Terra's and Ven's situation where Mickey couldn't have possibly known about Terra being possessed by Xehanort or Ventus being in the Chamber of Waking, Mickey probably would have tried to find them in those 10 years and have no leads as to where they could be, so he might eventually assume they were dead or keep looking anyway. In Aqua's case he KNOWS that Aqua is there and he's not doing anything. He could do something about it, he just...doesn't. I don't know if I'm describing my thoughts correctly, but yeah. And it actually makes Re:coded even MORE pointless and it puts Mickey in a bad light, because 0.2 later reveals that Mickey already knew about her situation. I swear something about 0.2's story in general rubs me the wrong way, really. Probably because of how it affects the rest of the series sooo much due to all the retcons and all. With KH2 and BBS I was mostly alright with the retcons, but after that...idk.

    The concept of Dream Eaters gaining skill points to get new abilities and all wasn't a bad idea, it just doesn't fit for a game like KH, at least to me it doesn't. o.o I also really dislike their designs. I wish they just used the Heartless and Nobodies like they were originally going to. Dx Not to mention that all the boss fights had to be Dream Eaters too, which sucked. I also liked the flowmotion at least, it was very fun to use in the overworld and battles and all. XD Also it has the Fantasia world. It's literally the best thing in the entire game for me. I will always love that scene where YX says "beautiful world, isn't it?" and crushes that rose petal with classical music playing the background.

    Yeah, they really should have just tried explaining stuff to each other. o-o Honestly I like the old trailers for BBS more than the game itself because while I do like BBS, the trailer just looked so more...expressive, I guess? Mostly because it had TAV interacting more. Like, apparently Ventus saved Terra's life once. And of course, we'll never know what that was now. And yeah, that nutshell video was beautiful. Clearly the real reason that Roxas betrayed the Organization was because he needed more ice cream. XD

    I know right, it's like they're trying desperately to give Marluxia relevance yet are going about it the wrong way, by forcing him somewhere he doesn't really belong. I don't think Marluxia even knew about Ventus being in Castle Oblivion (unless *gasp* he knew all along!) so there's really not much connection between the two. Lol I imagine Eraqus's appearance in KH3 would be like:

    "Hey I'm back."

    "Oh hi Eraqueez."

    "I am now going to do a thing."


    "I have done the thing."


    "Also sorry for trying to kill you I guess."

    "I completely forgive you."

    Ooooh that's so cool! OuO Do you mean that you write the stories and such, or do you program as well? I'm actually aiming towards being a composer for video games someday. XD KH's music is a big influence, lmao.
    I also don't like it. Literally everything is irrelevant. o.o Even if Maleficent wants the Book of Prophecies or the datascape, I still think it's just a waste. The only thing I actually think it did right story-wise was have Sora and Riku working together, and actually interacting with each other and talking to each other, and not just being in different places all the time. But that is ruined by the fact that they're just data replicas and not actually real. Lol I watch Just a Pancake religiously, he or she is the shitposter we need but don't deserve. ;u; I liked the Organization in CoM a lot, their interactions, them taunting and breaking Sora mentally, betraying each other...and then there's Riku's story which is all about smelling darkness. XD I don't blame Sora for being confused about the Sleeping Worlds and all, but things like him trusting Neku even after he sold him to YX is just...ugh. That was awful. Sure Sora's a kind and trusting fellow, but still. Then again I have way more things about DDD that I'm not really happy with...goddammit my feelings with that game are always so conflicted. I don't know if I like it or not. XD

    Also you perfectly described my feelings about BBS as a whole. They all acted so impulsively instead of just calming down talking it out. Terra storming off for example, and Eraqus going from "oh Ven I was so worried I'm glad you're safe" to "YOU MUST EXIST NO MORE" in a minute or two. I also didn't feel much chemistry between them. KH kinda has the problem with friendships (in my opinion) since said friends is always either a) away from each other so there's minimal interaction, or b) fighting with each other. At least KH1 and 2 had those nice long intros where Sora and Roxas spent time with their friends and you could grow attached to them, not to mention RAX in Days. It makes me miss the long intros we had in KH1 and 2, and maybe if BBS had something like that I'd be more attached to TAV, maybe. Shame they're pretty much gone now. Dx

    I would like Lea and Isa to make up and be friends again, or at the very least not be enemies. QAQ Speaking of Lauriam...apparently someone asked Nomura whether Lauriam was Marluxia and Nomura replied with "Lauriam is Lauriam". So yeah, I really hope there won't be more Marluxia's running around or I'll be pissed. Then again, Blaine's name is now Brain so...I don't see how the story can get much worse than that? XD And yeah, the Eraqus thing feels so unnecessary. I keep trying to convince myself that it makes sense, hut it just...it doesn't. Eraqus is dead, please keep him dead. o~o

    Exactly. QAQ You can love something and criticize it and make fun of it and such. I wish more people realized that.

    Thanks. *^* What do you study?
    I really like the thread you posted in the general discussion section! I know exactly what that's like because, I see this topic brought up everywhere. And I was a 90's kid. I plan on posting in there soon! Got places to be today but expect a post from me! xD
    I know right. QuQ They're hilarious. XD I like him too, so I'd be glad to see him again.

    I kinda think that Recoded, 3D and 0.2 was where the dialogue became kinda weird, in my opinion. Like the whole "hurting" thing in Recoded, "darkness within darkness", "I'm already half-Xehanort" and all that. And yeah I didn't get that line of Kairi's either. Sure he's changed, but him and Sora are very different people. The previous games did have things like that too like Riku saying Ansem stinks because he could smell the darkness, but I'd say it at least worked. I'd say the scene where I always cringe is the intro to BBS where TAV are sparring at the Land of Departure. The first time I saw it all felt sooo awkward to me. The dialogue, voice acting, their laughter at the ended which lasted way too long, stuff like that. I liked KH1 and KH2's intro way better anyway.

    I don't want Saix to be replaced by RAX either but I feel like that's what'll happen. QAQ I don't particularly mind him leaving holes in the story to answer later. What I don;t like is all the forced connections and such, like in this case, Marluxia in UX. With Ventus it does at least make some sense, but Marly has nothing like that at all. Like...Lauriam could just easily be replaced with an original character and it would change nothing in the grand scheme of things. Not to mention that he (probably) killed Strelitzia, who actually had potential as a character. I liked the basic idea for Back Cover too and I find the whole concept of there being an unknown traitor interesting, but honestly...the movie just bored me so much that I didn't even care for it. XD The MoM was the only thing that made me want to keep watching. XD But yeah, they were kinda dumb.

    I don't really see how people could defend the Pokemon anime's story. o.o It really hasn't made any progress at all.

    Lol I don't study math by choice. It's pretty much obligatory here. XD I'm not good at it. It's just basic math really, nothing special.
    Oh my god that comic. XD It's a shame they didn't do that, but hopefully we can at least see Even be pissed in KH3, lmao. And yeah, KH admittedly isn't the best when it comes to dialogue. It confuses me too, and with Saix being an SoD everything about him is so much more unclear now. Q_Q As for Marluxia in UX...it feels weird. XD I felt that way with Ventus too but at least he has a connection to the Keyblade War so that he could tie in to UX, not to mention that his backstory was left a mystery. But Marluxia doesn't have any of that. o~o I don't want to judge the decisions made too harshly until the UX story ends though. I don't play UX but I keep track of the story updates and such.

    That's a shame. Q_Q I find it kinda annoying when people accuse Digimon of being just a Pokemon ripoff.

    Well I have to study math, so not so good. XD
    Jaaa, es ist super schön! Durchgängig schönes Wetter, nette Leute,.. :D Wir haben hier garkeinen Akzent XD Und selbst wenn, im Dialekt reden wirklich nur ältere Damen und Herren. :3 Ich kann den auch nicht ab xD

    Och, einfach so. Muss sowieso auf meine Ernährung achten, also bot sich das so an. :D

    Danke! Ich drücke dir ebenfalls die Daumen und wünsche dir sehr viel Erfolg! Hahah, das wär cool! xD
    Ja, ist schon etwas anders hier. Und ja, das finde ich auch sehr schade :( auf BBS hatte ich mich sehr gefreut
    Jaaa, das wäre ganz cool :D Ja, schade! Ich bin ja eigentlich selber in Deutschland geboren, aber wir sind als ich noch jung war nach Wien gezogen. Aber ich mag es hier :3
    Lool, immerhin hat sie sich gefreut und es hat euch beiden ja auch geschmeckt xD Ich selbst bin ja gerade dabei abzunehmen (funktioniert echt gut, hab schon um die 3-4 Kilo abgenommen XDD), also würde ich in dem Moment wohl auch auf den Kuchen verzichten D:

    LOL. Und was wäre, wenn Xemnas einen Bart hätte? ... Okay, vergessen wir das lieber, wäre wohl nich so cool. xD
    Jaa, das Turnier meinte ich :D

    Ich glaube die Seite war Fanfiction.de oder so xD Ich weiß echt nicht mehr. Und oooh, das ist ja richtig cool!! Klar, wenn's einem Spaß macht, macht es das Leben viel einfacher :3 Ja! Ich will entweder auf die Zeichenakademie in Wien, oder in die Wiener Universität (das ist die große Nummer 1 hier). In ein paar Jahren habe ich auch schon meine Matura/mein Abi. :D
    Jaa, den Manga mag ich viel mehr als Days selber. Und den Roman auch!

    Lool, ja, die Magic Medaillen im Spiel sind wirklich etwas mager. >.<

    Skype geht klar, habe ich auch auf dem Handy :D Ich weiß bei Skype nicht, was mein Username ist XDDD Kenne mich da nicht so gut aus. Wie ist denn deiner? Dann adde ich dich einfach :D
    Thank you! XD

    Lol I would have liked to see that too, lets hope it's in KH3 or something. XD Maybe he forgives him because they weren't themselves at the time due to not having a heart. I know right? Sadly we only see a few of them often while others are just kinda there. o~o Yeeees I love them too. *^* Idk how I feel about Saix being an SoD though. /: Larxene was great, and probably the only female KH villain so far aside from Maleficent. I also like Marluxia (I don't care what anyone says, he's manly af). As for Xemnas having a great voice...indeeeeeed. ouo (I still love it when Xemnas says this, lmao) I like Luxord, but he sadly suffers a little from being "generic minion #2" like a few others do. It makes me hope that we get more backstory later. *-*

    Nice! There are so many cool Vivi's, lmao. And yeah, Digimon is great! I only played Digimon World Dusk (not fully since I lost it) but I watched the anime long ago and I really liked it. ouo I like it way better than the Pokemon anime.
    Dich hätte ich gerne als Freundin (im freundschaftl. Sinne, icht falsch. verstehen xD) xDDD
    Aber andererseits finde ich, ist Geld auch nichts schlechtes zum verschenke. :D Klar, es fühlt sich echt komisch an und ist nicht wirklich “persönlich”, aber wenn man die Person und deren Geschmäcker nicht so gut kennt, ist es doch eine recht kluge Option. :) Ist bei mirzwar nie eingetreten, aber trotzdem! :D

    Jaa, von dem, was wir bis jetzt gesehen haben, scheint er echt cool zu sein! Und lool xDD Was passiert dann bei Yen Sid und Xehanort, frage ich mich? :pP
    Oh, ja!! Cabbas Universum ist ohnehin schon wegen dem neuen Arc so mega interessant!! Ich hoffe, dass wir mal mit Goku und Co. den Planeten besichtigen und dort auch auf den König treffen! :DD Finde ich gut, dass du denen mehr Tiefe vermeihst!! Sollte der liebe Toriyama auch mal machne D: Wobei Broky ja nicht canon ist, aber dann machendie das halt in den Filmen. Und jaa, die Beweggründe hassen viele Leute, aber ich finde, es passt auch einfach super zu Dragonball xD Einfach, dass der wegen so etwas so durchdrehen kann. Passt perfekt! Oh jaa, DB Minus mochte ich auch! Vorallem Mini-Radditz, haha!
    Aah, ut gut! Ja, auf Deutsch will ich mir das auch nicht geben, leider. Die Stimmen mag ich auch nicht, außer eben Whis und Beerus, die sind richtig cool.
    Hab mich aber auch so mega an den Japanischen Dub gewöhnt (wobei ich Tommy Morgenstern immer noch mega feier!!)

    Aah, cool! Ich habe meine Fanfics auh mal auf Deutsch geschrieben, aber die hat nie wer gelesen... xD UUUH, ich will mehr hören!! Wo hast du das denn abgegeben? KRASS!! D: Richtig cool!!
    Ja, hahaha, das war eine nice Stelle im Manga. xD Auch so richtig lustig. Ja, die Mangas mag ich auch sehr, vor Allem den Days Manga finde ich so viel besser als das Spiel (weil das Spiel... nicht... so gut ist, ums echt nett auszudrücken). Am meisten die Gags sind ja das beste. :D

    Immerhin, das ist ja der neueste Riku und sieht noch dazu mega gut aus!!! Ich hab ihn noch nicht bekommen. D: Echt, an Power? Ich bin ja an Speed überversorgt, ist glaube ich 70% meines Medaillen Albums. :D Magic so... 5%? Meine Magic Medaillen sucken, was Stärke angeht. Naja, außer Naminè und 0.2 Aqua. Terranort habe ich auch, aber der ist nicht sooo gut. Und jap, Fairy Stars ist krass! Kannst hier ja mal die Stats durchlesen. :D Fairy Stars - Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ Wiki

    Hahaha, oh Mann ey. xD Ich feier ja die, die mit ihren neuen iPhones angeben und total repektlos sind.
    Oh, die Super Collecter’s Edition? Ist das nicht die, mit diesem Schattenlurch-Plushie und dem emga coolen Stuff??? D:
    Lool. Du solltest weiterschauen, es wird immer spannender!! :D

    Du, ich hab fast alles. xD Ich habe FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype und Snapchat. :D
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