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  • Awesome! So what did you end up going to school for? It's actually been almost exactly a year since I graduated is why it's easy for me to remember haha, man that went fast!

    And haha yeah, I actually remember a couple of us trying to get you to join our rpg clan since we were all friends anyway, but you were pretty busy at the time. It was a weird but awesome thing, because different clans made alliances and others were rivals, and no one took the rpg inferno aspect of it super seriously haha.

    But yeah, I pm'd you back!
    I'm glad to hear that overall you've been well all these years! I've been doing alright myself as well, finished college and whatnot last year. Haha but yeah of course, you know I was thinking of everyone that used to be around the forums that are gone now, at least the people from back in the day that I felt close to. I know I had a period of time where I was awol from the forums for a couple years, and figured I'd shoot you a message juuust in case you foind yourself here again at some point.

    And oh yeah, I remember Neloangelo haha. He was in our little group we had for the KHI rpg inferno, The Descendents of Fianna. He always rocked a Vincent Valentine avatar. But hey, if you guys wouldn't mind me joining in this facebook group, that would be great! It'll be a good way to stay connected with some of the old crew
    Whoa, talk about a surprise here; you really did come back round! Oh my god, how have you been? I'm super stoked to hear from you!
    Hey Karen, I've kind of been doing an odd set of rounds today and checking up on some of my friends that I haven't heard from in a long while. Some of them haven't been on the site since 2008 or 2009, so seeing that you'd been on in 2015 seems oddly promising despite the quickly approaching 2017. I hope at some point you hop back on and see this, and when you do that'd be great if you could shoot me a message and we can catch up and reminisce about being goofs in forum insanity with SORA RULEZ, and the dumb missing poster I made for you on that other forum when you disappeared for a while.
    I really miss you Karen. I was still upset from the time you left Aliquam Revolution, but I sincerely hope you're still out there and doing ok.

    What Kpop group was it, if you don't mind me asking? ^^
    Oh dang, well it must've been worth it. i know if I was able to get a foreign group to come to my country for a concert, I definitely be waiting that long xD
    Girls girl girls. Boy they love those pop bands, don't they? xD

    Coolio :D, can't wait to see what you've done ^^;
    Oh, noice! The first huh? that's pretty cool ^^ I get why you're tired, probably dancing so much your legs felt like jello(just guessing).

    No rush. Rest up first, then when you're all in tippy-top shape, get to it ^-^
    :< well here's the link to that colab we discussed. :D

    Colab with Karen.psd

    I didn't want to do too much cause I figure we can take our time on this just by adding little bits at a time to make for a better piece ;D
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