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  • Sending the rest of the PM via VM since the site is being stubborn and won't let me send the whole thing.

    This is my personal process:

    1) Get the RAWs of the episodes used for the gif
    2) Play the RAW in k-lite
    3) Find the portion of the video I will use and stop the video right before that segment
    4) Use frame step to reach the initial frame of the segment
    5) Use snipping tool to start the process of gaining each unique frame
    -> Use the "window snip" so that you get the image perfectly with one click
    -> I usually name them like "imgnamehere01" and so on
    6) Count the immediate duplicate frames (animators will often have the same image multiple frames in a row for timing), and denote it.
    -> So it would typically be something like "imgnamehere02(3)" to tell me that I repeat the image three times in UnFREEz
    7) Open/Drag-and-drop all the images in Paint.net (they will be in PNG by default, and don't use the snipping tool's ability to save as gifs, since they destroyed the quality of the image when I tried that)
    Lemme tell you: it gets even better as the show goes on. >:3

    The Professor/Hakase steals the show IMO. xD
    I would like to make to make it known that Dayum now ranks among some of the coolest people I know! Thanking you kindly for the avatar my man!
    Hmmmm. Nope sorry. *will look up once I have the time*
    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Im borreedd. ITs been so hot latley.
    LOL. I like testsuya? hitsuyama? gah. The short ice guy lol. And Momo.
    Same with Naruto =___= after 500+ chapters, you start to not like it... I havent read or watched it since like April. *is a bad fan XD*
    I played a Bleach game once so I know the main story ish? Like Rukia captured or whatever?
    Indeeed XD.
    Hmmmm. Got this months issue of Shonen Jump -Bleach on Cover-
    Hmm. *flips to Naruto*
    Its really, really sad. Like everyone I know whos seen it cried. Me tooo lol.
    Lol Cartoon Network used to be so cool... Did you ever see Grave of the Fireflies?
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