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  • I noticed you didn't post anything on Yuuki Yuna wa Yuusha de Aru (Yuuki Yuna is a Hero), did you decide to skip out on it or was the first episode another bore-fest for you?
    Are there any rules against users who aren't Moderators or Admins to post threads about a Grand feat. such as the roleplaying section achieving a thread count uve' 10,000?

    and possibly a small event? Such as roleplaying a whacky party/battle?
    Death Note's Obata, Monogatari's NisiOisin, Rosario + Vampire's Ikeda Make 2 One-Shot Manga Together - News - Anime News Network

    you seemed to like Nisio's stuff and Obata's artwork, so here you go.
    Crunchyroll - VIDEO: Cute Girls Make Anime in "ShiroBako" Anime Preview

    Making anime in an anime? Count me in!
    Working!!/Wagnaria!! Anime Gets 3rd Season - News - Anime News Network

    Man, after 3 years I didn't think this was going to get a sequel. Hope everything else gets adapted properly.
    lol Do you still have enough interest to see the K: Missing Kings film when you get the chance?
    I remember you used to be pretty excited for that Go Hands show, K. How'd it turn out for you?
    You might not like Nisekoi, but I recall you really liked Komi's previous works, right? Compiled edition of his one-shots. Would buy if localized for sure.
    Do you happen to know how much of Knights of Sidonia is worksafe(or rather homesafe), aside from that locker scene in chapter one?
    Hey, you download the English dub of Space Dandy correct? Mind giving me the link please? I'm in school now so I'm finding it difficult to sit down and watch the episodes I have saved on my DVR.
    Ahh. I thought it was a certain pop uve' words in a character's mind to spark their emotions. Not actual dialogue. Whooopsie. lol xD
    The best way I can say being able to shorten it effectively. Is what general idea you want to stand out.
    If you want the life and death to be the main reason.
    (Die fighting, or you will never see the end after.)
    Or possibly the soul is the main idea.
    (Die fighting, or your soul will never stop suffering)

    You mashed two concepts together which makes it complex. Which is not even bad but, in order to hook a reader it has to be simple and easy to understand. i.e When Zack says to Cloud. "For the both of us, you'll live.You'll be my living legacy."

    It isn't really neccasary short, but it is more simple. I hope this helps!
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