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  • Yerp. It's been out more a while over a month.
    and it's pretty fucking great
    prequel to Ender's Game. the first novel of a trilogy that will follow the first Formic War. you may remember "The Battle for the Belt" being mentioned in one of the other books. that's in there.
    you should check it out.^^
    OSC didn't write it himself, he only co-wrote it, but it's just stgklkasdjgklasjdfl;jas good
    so i was going through my vistor messages randomly and then I came across you
    and I'm reading Earth Unaware and have been wanting ask someone's opinion on it because I think it's fantastic and may be the best book in Ender sense Speaker for the Dead
    and figured
    I'd ask you if you've read it/what you think about it.
    Oh~ I'm afraid it shows too little Vanitas , Xehanortssssss , but focus on Disney Villain lol
    How about Final Fantasy Type-0?
    Did you played it?
    I will watched the opening of the game first before i decide whether want to buy this game or not..
    The game looks cute with dream eater lol
    She looks pretty <3 2NE1 song is nice too...
    By the way, have you watched KH3D trailer? :DDD
    Friends? School? I know of neither. Secluded from outside life, taught only the essentials, with knowledge of many fighting styles (from fiction) and artificial weapons (wooden Buster Sword), dangerous beasts (my pet chihuahua and her daughter), and the ability to run for up to a minute and lift 200 pounds, I know only- JUSTICE!
    Where can you find their lyrics? <3333
    Aww..you're great. I'm bad in memorizing thingy xD
    Really? So, the whole album is in English? Nah..they're great :3
    I love Jessica and Taeyeon xDD How about you? Who is your favorite?
    To be honest, I don't have one. My dad has one, but he has me manage it and send messages to his friends and such. He got some random friend request recently from some dude he's never heard of.
    I had a feeling. Yeah, I wasn't trying to let it get out of control like Facebook's signature "Lol, that on ur wall was EPIQ!!1 Lemme ad u." friend system. Although Hamster Lord, some people in the Moogle Army, and others are really like friends to me.
    Oh Yeah ~ :3 I love K-pop
    I heard "The Boys" before, but is in English version. It looks nice~how about you?
    So, you don't like me, but you decided to talk to a person you didn't like about something personal, and used one of your friends as you in the scenario?
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