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  • Hahaha, lmao xD that really sucks

    I remember that the 1st time I went through the game, I kicked him off the ledge and I never found his armor -- it just disappeared! That was a sad day for me :<
    Northern Regalia was my weapon. When I got both swords to make it, that was pretty much the only weapon I ever used afterwards.

    lmao XD yeah, I dunno why, but I loved it. Until I got the Dark Silver armor set. Once I got that and the Northern Regalia, I don't think I ever switched armor or weapons again. Maybe a few times for the lulz of it.
    It is right 8D

    Yeah, sometimes I'll clear a level and then farm or wait to be summoned in the area. That's actually how I did most of my grinding in both games. Getting summoned is the safest way because if I die, I still stay with all my souls. :3

    Haha, I remember when I won as the boss of Latria's Tower. I was so psyched at getting that ridiculous robe on my head. xD
    Yeeaah, I didn't want to waste any more time, wanted to finish the game already. I postponed beating it for some time while I grinded for items. Almost fully upgraded my Elite Knight armor. All the pieces had +9, but the last one required a slab :<

    lmao, UR A DICK HOW COULD YOU KILL HER?! I only ever get annoyed at being invaded when I'm grinding for something or waiting for people to summon me -- which god, took forever. That's probably the one aspect Demon's Souls had better, no issues when it come to being summoned. I heard they fixed the summoning issues in Dark Souls, but never found out and now I can't because my ps3 died. ;w;
    He serves as a good distraction for backstabbing :3

    Ahh, Demon's Souls, loved that game until Dark Souls, hehe. I still like it, but I love how diverse and dynamic the world in Dark Souls is. Not to mention theres the Way of the White covenant which helps in preventing invasions. `3` Plus it has Gwynevere ;D
    I already knew about that, the thing is what happened to you was just one possibility. If you kill all the maggots before or during while Solaire is sitting down there, that won't happen to him and he'll be able to help you in the last boss fight.

    I must've not seen the drop the first time I went through because I do remember killing all of them that time, and Solaire wasn't even there yet. Suffice to say that the Cast Light spell was enough to get me through that dark abyss of hell. ^^

    Until fucking Nito!
    I had read about the helmet, but I was unable to get it. It was in Lost Izalith, right? In the shortcut where you can find Solaire at one point with those bugs all around? Apparently, there were supposed to be 9 of those bugs and the last one dropped it, but it only happens once every playthrough. I screwed myself and instead went to the lake where you fight the Hydra in order to get Cast Light, which was awesome.

    Haha, did one of those bugs get on his head in your playthrough?
    Those damn skeletons! lmao, I hated that level until I got the light spell. That skull lantern was terrible because it wouldn't block very well. ;A;
    boondocks is the fuckin shit. and possibly one of the best cartoons imo
    Thanks again! I haven't found the time to try this recently with holiday craze, but I'll give it a shot sooner or later :)
    And your user title "In and Out" had me laughing for quite some time. I too am curious how you made your GIF with GIMP and the Snipping tool because I am quite familiar with both. Do you happen to have a link to learn about this process or maybe some free time to explain it to me a bit better? :p
    I think I'm starting to get a bit tired to do anything with GIMP at the moment. I'll try tomorrow.
    Hmm. I'd normally use VirtualDub for making GIF's, if that's what you mean.
    Hey, I was just wondering how I use the snipping tool on the Classic Media Player, would you mind telling me?
    I found my avatar online, Google images, I had a friend edit it a bit and BAM. answered.
    You have such an awesome signature there. Nichijou ftw!
    Where'd you get it from? Or did you make it yourself?
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