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Love Machine
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  • I've read some of the two and one star reviews on Amazon and most of them said that. I don't think it deals with the romance that much. John just mentions it from time to time and it doesn't really effect the plot, except the part where he and Sam get arrested because of Sarah.

    but I am a bit annoyed about the love square though.
    Yeah, same here. I only read the summary on I am Number Four on Amazon and it interested me enough to buy the first two books. It sucks that we're gonna have to wait a year for the third one :/
    Sorry Dayum. If I owned a scarf, I would climb you're window and place it on you're bed.
    I saw you posting in the MA about watching people, so I said you had a nice scarf just to see how you would react. Because, if you really did have a scarf, that would be a strang coincedence.
    Yeah, I know it tries to resize the gif because I've had the problem before, but by a simple image resizing it would work. I think it might be the file size. I'm just going to use a different gif that isn't giving me problems.
    Hmm, it could be sensitive to capital letters. Do the gifs that don't work feature all caps in the extension (like ".GIF")?
    Hmm, odd. I don't think I've had it say that. Did you double check to make sure that all of the image files were, in fact, gif files?
    When it comes to k-lite, you don't need to make any alterations to the settings. It's all done for you, and the defaults almost always work without problem.

    What needs to be done is, when you open the program, go to the "view" tab on the top. Then go down to "presets" and select "minimal." This will make it so that there will be no control bar/border/anything in the window. Only the video itself.

    And using window snipping with media player would probably difficult because of that. However, you don't get that problem with k-lite.
    As for k-lite, press "1" when you open it. That will change it to the "Minimal" preset. When you do that, window snipping will give you only the video (no menu stuff) at the right resolution every time.
    With the snipping tool, where it says "New" there will be a little arrow to the right. Click it, and you'll see a menu of options. Free-form Snip, Rectangular Snip, Window Snip, Full-screen Snip. By default it has the rectangular one selected, which has you trace the areas you want to snip. However, with window snip, all you have to do is click on the window that's playing the file, and it'll snip the entire window for you. No need to make any little adjustments.
    And the actually final fourth:

    EDIT: Ugh, this thing is pissing me off. Here it is quick: Put in compiler, choose frame delay (4 is usually best, if not, then it's usually 5), create gif, test gif in browser, make adjustments as needed, upload to picasa (best gif host), enjoy gif.

    Once you get a rhythm going, it takes less time than it looks (though definitely more time than using a video-to-gif program, and more tedious).

    Doing it this way, I can retain the quality of large gifs and have complete control over everything (well, except the quality of the RAW, lol), giving me results like this:

    And the final third:

    8) Resize each image to the the size you want (the size, obviously, must be consistent; and the smaller the size of the images, the smaller the size of the animated file)
    9) Save each image as a gif (the default snipping tool saves in is png, and the gif save feature on it is terrible, from my experience)
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