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  • you got the second wrong...
    Control freak... Aqualad gave him that title when they were staying in the titans tower
    yeah..... just a quick test.

    Who is Raven's Father?

    who's the Supposed nemesis of the titans who is much more like a fanboy?

    and Name three honorary titans.
    yeah... Terra does... but I liked Terra too, I hated how they ended on a sad note wtih Terra coming back, but She doesn`t remember and even after Slade got his A$$ whupped, nothing really changed...
    I loved Raven...she was one of the heroines that I based one of my OCs on.... I loved the concept of using darkness to shield yourself and others...
    Yup! :D And very glad to be here~

    Oh, what have you decided to change your name to? :3
    Yep :3

    I technically got the job last November, but Raz messed up my account when he was making me staff, thereby deleting all my personal info and preventing me from logging in for two months xD
    *didn't even realize*

    Thanks! :D I can't believe it's been two whole years xD
    Basically. Although, one can say that about almost any game; however, in Dark Souls' case it's tough at first because it's very vague in terms of direction. Also, I'm not sure if you know this, but get the Drake Sword if you can. It's really helpful at first, but I believe you need 18 strength.
    Not bad, but if you're having problems with the game, I would suggest starting out as a Pyromancer. That fireball that they start with is pretty powerful.
    I started out as a Knight. Not quite the best class for a beginner, but I've had tons of experience with the game mechanics due to playing over 100 hours of Demon's Souls.
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