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  • sure i'll get right on that

    im really sorry about your grandmother's passing, and i really hope your mom gets better.. how are u coping with everything
    Ok, my old file is corrupt so I may start over from scratch, if you could round up one more potential hunter I'd be more than glad to play.
    1. Okay then.

    2. I said that a children's forum has access to.

    3. Redtube is a porn site, I mentioned it as a joke.

    4. No, I have not been to it.
    I never said I wanted to be linked a porn site. I was just asking why a porn site had access to a chat room that a children's forum has access to. But I have a question, is there anyone on the forums who knows how to access #Junes without Redtube?
    Thanks. voice of The our Citrus generation Cult made it. And a porn site? Really? How does one manage that?
    Wait, it isn't Mibbit?

    Oh yeah, has anyone said anything about your avatar? Steve Jobs trollface is win.
    That's one of the problems. On Mibbit, I've typed in #Junes, and it creates an entirely different chat room. I'll try again. Or is it #June?
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    Tell me why I saw the same time the commercial came on? -_____-
    Nigga, I'll kill you!!! :mad:
    Lol I'll be able to play Wednesday, no big really.
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