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  • Skipping classes... I just don't have the desire to go to school. I skipped the majority of January. I'm trying to make myself go now, especially since they are mostly easy classes (art apreciation, weight training, math, english & psychology) I'm taking my 2nd psychology class. Im really feeling it, & I may make it my major. How are you liking school?
    That's what's up, its kinda strange growing up, I no longer feel like a kid/teen anymore, my mother has been severly sick since October, Unable to go to work or do much of anything. We've been taking care of her. She's at UAB hospital now, & were not sure if she'll make it. Also my grandmother revently passed & I lost my job (though I recently got it back(
    I've been doing ok, much like your self I havnt logged in latly. Also I recently beat FFX, & I'm doing the whole college student thing, & ive got myself a steady girlfriend. What up with you?
    Got hit from behind totally not my fault. lol imma show you the pics later, its pretty funny.
    Yeah, already paid for and everything, I'm just getting my core classes out they way for now, I'm prolly going for journalism, id like to do something like video game journalism, like IGN & GameInformer.
    :D I'm happy to hear that! Sounds like things are working out for you. So what are you doing in college?
    yep ive been busy with work mostly, i work 6 days a week, Have you found a job?
    I agree
    he was described as looking TOTALLY different in the books... so.. that's kinda lame
    I agree, sosososo much. You read Clockwork Angel right? Well they released the cover for Clockwork Prince, with Jem's picture on it. Holy crap, he looks NOTHING like he was described to look.
    She describes Jem as pale with silver hair... the model is brown skinned with black hair and silver highlights.
    Jamie Campbell Bower Lands Jace Wayland Role In ‘Mortal Instruments’ Movie

    The cast Jace's actor. I don't like him. xD
    I've been good too n.n. Been writing many poems, got tickets for festivals this summer, bought some new awesome games, been on vacation with friends about a month ago so yeah, can't complain xD
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