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  • LOL. You guys in the Arkham City thread make me really want to go buy the game, but I'll wait until it's cheaper. I wish there was more Catwoman stuff
    Oh shit, Catwoman is a bamf. That sounds awesome, tell me how much of an orgasm the game is! XD
    I know, it's terrifying. XD I've never been in #junes~
    Well, I just got out of a break up so I was trying for something happy. XD Then I'm going to go crazy with the endings. Oh gosh, that's a sad one. That's probably Freedom True? or something.
    ohhh I know now. The stupid box!

    << 4 Days Left >> (Day 4)

    #= Miyashita Park Underpass

    See you at Towa Records.
    Key's in the box.

    ~First, talk to Beat. After the scene, go left, but the wall is sealed.

    ~Now you can see some !!! objects around. Examine all four of it. If you would
    like to solve this puzzle by yourself, skip this part until the Towa Records.

    ~Stay in the middle, erase the top left and bottom right Yellow Noise Symbols
    out of the four symbols here.

    ~Talk to Beat (wait for awhile until the "..." appears on Beat) and select
    Press it to open the box.

    ~Proceed to the right.

    #= Miyashita Park

    ~Examine the !!! object. Now scan this area and erase all four bigger
    Yellow Noise Symbols around (as shown in the moon sign hint).

    ~Talk to Beat and select Press it to unlock the box.

    ~Now the sun signed box appear. Scan this area and you should see four
    Yellow Noise Symbols in a line. Erase the two in the middle.

    ~DO NOT try to open the box yet, back to previous area.

    #= Miyashita Park Underpass

    ~Scan this area can find three Yellow Noise Symbols in a line. Erase only
    the middle one.

    ~Afterwards, talk to Beat and choose Press it, and you should have unlocked
    the box.

    ~Head to left for some events, then talk to Beat. After, you can back to
    Towa Record.
    << 5 Days Left >> (Day 3)

    #= Scramble Crossing

    ~First of all, talk to the man in black around the right.

    ~Some side quests here, go left to Statue of Hachiko.

    #= Statue of Hachiko / West Exit Bus Terminal

    ~Watch some scene, continue the path to left will enter a fight. Defeat your
    opponents for 1,000 Yen.

    ~In West Exit Bus Terminal, go down and speak with the Reaper before the
    Station Underpass. To answer his questions, choose A Mushroom, Mr. Mew,
    Inpincible! You will get Hot Dog and 5,000 Yen.

    ~Enter Station Underpass, then exit and re-enter again for a fight, and you
    will get 1,000 Yen for winning this fight.

    ~After all, return to Scramble Crossing.
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