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  • Hey! :3
    Here's my 3DS FC if you want to add me, I'd be down for some Monster Hunter 4 U:
    0662 3867 9217
    Sorry if I'm behind by a lot, I'm new to the series. It would be great to go on some hunts! ^.^
    thats what i thought, but a couple weeks back i think spockanort came in the pokemon thread saying to make a new thread when the alpha/omega trailer dropped, which was then disputed by a couple of other members.

    i would have just done it but yeah i felt like i should run it by someone. I think i'll just leave it
    awesome can't wait then. urrgh i need to get back to my Pugilist its been months since i played but I cant do subs for SWTOR and XIV at the same time
    yo...heard you were talking to lilvon about TLOU multiplayer. Whenever you wanna play just tell us he told me something about "tryouts" idk but yeah
    My 3DS can't use my college's internet so I can't get online until I get home which will be a while.
    Hey I added you to my friendcodes, however I don't have my 3DS on me right. I should be able to get in online with it, in like 6 hours or so.
    Not much of a fan of Indicud, to be quite honest. I did enjoy it at first, but it was just the result of me getting caught up in the hype. I did enjoy some of the Indicud songs live when I saw him in October, though. Satellite Flight is very different. It definitely has its weak spots here and there, but it really does a great job of making the listener feel like they're actually flying to the moon. The whole theory people are throwing around about how the end of Troubled Boy is Mr. Solo Dolo killing himself is pretty intense and makes me even more excited for MotM III.
    I got the right Josh, didn't I? You sent a Ralts for my Ralts, right? XD
    That's cool. Your in-game trainer name is... I don't remember. Is it Joe? I'm online right now.
    No, I'm sorry for having kept you waiting. I should have done it the first chance I got. Don't worry though, I'm in the process of breeding it now. Would a Ralts be okay?
    Ahh, crap. I've been really busy the past two days (and today) I hardly had time to even touch my 3DS. I just got home from a brain-frying test, so give me a moment to breed that Pokemon for you, haha...
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