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  • I am aware of all of that. I never said it phased you. I just wanted to apologize for being rude to you. That's all I wanted to say.
    Hey Von, I've been an asshole to you in the past and I thought that I'd just say sorry for it. Sometimes I can be a dick.
    Your picture... oh god. XD

    I have it favorited, thanks. <3 I'm almost done my first play through, I've been aiming for the True Ending with Katherine.The soundtrack is so interesting, I enjoy it a ton. Especially the tracks for the later levels, like the Cathedral.

    Nah, I'm tryna finish Catherine before I start 13 and AC1. I've played them both before, but Catherine is entirely new so I'm really liking it.
    Lol you asshat XD don't make me ban you again (although this time I can actually undo it).
    Sure did :p did you #junes lot think I was joking when I said I was an admin in waiting or what? XD
    It's so much fun, and the bosses are really distressing. I go Youtube whatever is giving me too much of a hard time. xD I heard it was hard so I thought Easy was a good choice~ I actually got the art book and soundtrack too! xD There was a copy from the developer at the GameStop and the guy gave it to me :]
    I know they're in the same time zone. But we can go tonight if you want when you get off. I'll just check back around 9:30.
    Yeah, it's not a significant realization but like anything else it needs to manifest to grow.
    No, but of the opportunity for friendship, don't be so familiar. Silly, moose. =P
    My boss is an idiot, my work schedule got moved to 4-9 is 1:00 your time sill good?
    Your attack gets boosted. HP, Bravery. Depends on what food you feed them, though. It is rather important if you want to boost their stats.
    Sho is a bastard, yeah. Just remember that you can't attack him when he is shadowed so when that happens work on dodging and fight him on the screen he isn't shadowed.
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