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  • Hey there! How have you been all these time?

    It took me this long just to post, so I apologise for the delays! It's harder to get back into it after a year or so went by.
    Been alright. Just working and chilling mainly.

    It's cool. Life gets in the way.

    Unfortunately, I can't really add anything to the RP. except editing it slightly.
    Same here. It's hard to find time to really enjoy the shows and games you missed out because of stuff.

    You never know! Sometimes adding the flavors makes it better, so I'm sure whatever you write up will be cool, though. 🙂
    Fam. I swear to god, I must've seen you looking at Resolute like 6 times this week.

    JOIN THE RING OF TRUST ISSUES BOIIIIIIIII~! We have cookouts every saturday :3
    I've been aight. We're working on getting Persona rolling again soon. It's been too long and I've also started to get a bit restless so get ready for that!
    You're welcome. I totally understand the feeling. I was the exact same way with Persona 5 and FFXV. I haven't touched New Game+ but, that's awesome you've started on it. Are you trying for a 100% completion, or a harder mode to do it on? (I did my previous file on normal, so I plan on switching to do it on hard.) I understand. Social Stats are a bit of a pain. I never got the chance to do Haru's. </3 Ah yeah, Futaba and Soujiro's were definitely nice. I was halfway on Yusuke before I ended up finishing the game.
    Aw, sorry you have to work tomorrow. Especially when it's the weekend. </3 Glad to hear you're doing alright though. =D

    I'm doing good too. Mostly doing my best to catch up on what I've missed on here and on Messenger. In the meantime, tackling allergies. Btw, I really like your avatar. <3 How'd you like P5? And did you have a favorite social link?
    That's just it: a theory until KH3 says otherwise. Who knows, maybe Normua has that mind when working on it?

    Because all they ever wanted was to have a chance of life without someone like Xehanort using them as tools and Sora believes they should lead their own lives, be who they want to be. And I believe that Roxas and Xion will have a role to play in the battle between the Guardians and Seekers. Also, Normua has the final word, lol.
    Oh god, commutes to work suck no matter how much you like the job. I had a painting job once that had quite the commute that was almost never less than an hour.

    Oh man, you saw the Broadway show of American Idiot?! I'm pretty jealous. Its weird to say, but Green Day was probably my first 'favorite band.' Before thatch listened to random CDs of my mom's or whatever a relative may get me for my birthday, but when I first listened to the American Idiot album on the bus with a friend, the game changed. Although as much as I love it, my favorite Green Day album is 39 Smooth.

    As for the others, Tribute and Destroyer are great albums as well. I've never listened to much My Chemical Romance though. I remember they did a cover of a song on the Watchmen soundtrack, but it's just one of those things where I haven't say down and listened to them yet.
    Amazon warehouse, that's kind of neat (probably sounds neater than it is haha). I just say that I guess because Amazon is one of the only places I shop. So you like it much?

    And that's also a good solution sometimes. There are many times I listen to the same album for days on end, then other times I look for things that are just totally out there. Out of curiosity, do you have a favorite album, just an overall favorite album ever?
    I'm doing pretty well, considering this past Thursday had me helping my younger brother back into college for the final time and it was a long day, that's for sure. Plus, I'm waiting so patiently for Max to post so I can post, lol.

    I think today I'll try to complete some of my games that I so need to finish before buying anymore that adds not my list of games needed to finish. Seriously, why do we have so much yet little time to play?? D;
    Really? I don't see it and they're top-notch, to be honest. :3

    Ah, I've not completed it and yet, I already know everything about it, lol. And that's funny!
    Why do you want to smack your past self? And I sure hope you're not Xehanort with all that time travel shenanigans! :p

    Speaking of which, have you read Gram's new theory on how to save Terra? It's pretty well thought out and I could easily see it working in the game.
    Indeed, it would be.

    That's good to hear. And I don't know if you know this or not, but I miss reading posts of Persona Frozen IC. They're just nothing but amazing. I'd dare say they're par of that similar to Persona 3 and P4.
    Hey, nice work on that post! I loved it and I'm wishing he'd be a good addition to the team online. Plus, just imagine the skits between you, Crystal, and Alex! They'd be golden and funny as well. :D

    How are you doing?
    Where do you work? It's been hot as hell here as well though, the humidity is what gets me. Good to hear you've overcome the infamous writer's block, it manages to hit me even when I'm not writing.

    And I have been trying to write more lately myself, bigger projects that's don't really plan on posting. That and then trying to sort through some stuff with work and school and whatnot before college starts back up.
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