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  • thinkin' about causing some trouble in the creative writing section again soon. just like the good ol' days.
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    I've been taking it easy these past two months since I just quit my job and wanted to chill, but I plan on picking myself up in the next few weeks and start writing soon as well!
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    That's good. Nothing wrong with chilling.
    So, kinda lame to do this, but I'm gonna have to withdraw from any rps that I'm still a part of. I'm already barely posting as it is, but my schedule definitely isn't going to allow for me to keep up with any of them.

    But keep your eyes on the creative writing section. Something new might pop up from me in a month or two!
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    I suppose it was inevitable, even for us! But I didn't think the section was lagging when I first arrived here on the forums.

    But you are CD-Mann! *snaps himself out of the RP section and into the CW section* 😂😏🤓

    Kidding aside, I can't wait to see what you got in store for us! Here's hoping it's something similar to Classic or Animal Farm. 😛
    Hi, how have you been doing? I’m sorry for not getting to you on D&D. I did want to join but I got into a funk around that time. I’m sorry for letting you down. :(
    No worries. We actually had a lot happen irl during that time tbh.
    Story Keeper
    Story Keeper
    Okay. Thanks for the reassurance, I felt so guilty about letting you guys down.

    How are you doing?
    *poke, poke* Hey... Still alive over here? xD

    I made some changes, so yeah.. Anyway, I'll try to make up a post as I can.

    I hope you can keep going with us. :3
    So my semester finished last week and though I haven’t really been keeping up with the RP I’m gonna try and get back into Miracles. Not so sure about the other ones even though they’re kinda max’s and my responsibilities but life is kind of in the way of everything lol.
    Ain't that the truth! But I'm glad you're back though.

    Um, I hope it was okay for Skitty to use Wells since you weren't here. I think we're making some progress after all this time.
    It’s that time of year again!
    Don't I know it... Gonna start doing and episode a day over here.
    Hi, CD! :D

    Yes, that would be perfect! And it would be the kind of dinner you'd pull into for a good bite for an hour or so. Even I'm up for Snow and Tyler to join in.

    Just a tibit: The tiger form of Claire's is indirectly related to the book of Kyle's with the whole Shines thing you're going for. :3
    I'm no doctor, but does it feel like you're rocking on a ship back and forth from time to time? Even in bed? If so, I've had similar problems in the past and I did go to the doctor and she told me I might've gotten a case of vertigo. They had to reset my 'pebble' in my head by laying me down back and turning my head left and right for a few minutes. I was told to sleep upright for the next 48 hours! Let me tell you, it wasn't fun at all. Imagine sitting and watching t.v but unable to turn your head for fear of screwing it up?

    Not fun at all, I'll tell you that much. And if by some miracle that I did get some decent sleep, it was really a miracle of its own right. Anyway, I'm glad you're going to get this checked and hopefully get the answers you seek as to fix this crap before it gets worse (Did I just jinx that up?!). It's interesting you're doing some job-hunting months before KH3 comes out.. You strap for cash? xD I kid, I kid!

    Ooh, I'll be ready and excited to read your post! :D
    Want to talk about it..?

    Yeah, I'm curious about Kyle; how he'll get used to the idea of everything changing post- explosion.
    Hey, you alive?? *Poke poke*

    You've missed some posts in Miracles and didn't post. You okay?
    Sounds good! If you haven't done it, you may try it to see how it would work for future stories. Usually, it helps and it also further your writing skills in terms of imagining a fight scene vividly.
    I see. I think I do understand it, so probably go for first person then. That'd make my scenes easier to write out and it's kinda fun to see myself in a fictional fight scene. xD

    Speaking of which, have you ever wrote out an fight scene with two main characters against a singular opponent? The reason I ask is well, I can't seem to recall if you did that or not. :3 And don't be bad if you're rambling, in fact your advice are well sounded! :D
    Does it help with the fight scenes if it's written in the first person view or third view? I mean, I can tell the difference from reading your's and Max's posts in Persona: Icebound when the original team fought off against Sno. If I can remember my English class correctly, first person is from your view while the third is like over-the third person view similar to the Batman Arkham game series.

    So, I could see 'myself' in the action scene but it'd be limited to the information at hand while the third is more simple to do and I have the most information to use as well..

    Ah, screw it. xD I'll just as well write it up and worry about the rest later.
    Alright, I'm in a deep rut here. I do want to write it out, but my mind is overloading me up with like 'should I write it in first, second or third person view, what's the best name for it..' stuff like that.

    I actually need tons of tips coming from you. Weird, right from me doing RPs and yet can't even write a simple story up. >.<'

    Help. xD
    I can tell it takes time to write up one for Blue Shift at times. So no worries.

    I can actually imagine it in my head on how to do it; I just need to put it in, lol.
    Yay! :D That is great news!

    Hmm, maybe I could write up a version of Kingdom Spirits battle scene similar to Naruto vs Sasuke or the duo vs Lady Danu in their adult years. That could be fun!
    Yo, what's up?

    Are you still writing up for Classic or Blue Shift? Wait, is that right..? *thinks to self* Either way, I need my dose of CD's stories. xD They're so dang good to read and it feels like you're in the world of theirs.

    I should at least try to write something of my own in Writing.. But what exactly? :/
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