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    Just my ideas on 3D (Re:Coded spoilers)

    I kinda think the MoM exam is a vague thing. It's not confirmed to have one type of method so you can have a lot of variation to it. Eraqus had his version of the Mark of Mastery exam, you saying it looked like it took 10 minutes to do, I think Yen Sid has a more rigorous and difficult...
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    Sora, MX, and "Connection"

    Aren't AtW's eyes orange?
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    Do I have this right?

    ^^^^^I agree with Roknar, seems like youre pretty on point
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    What did you like most about BbS?

    I like how Meaghan Jette Martin had the easiest script in the whole game. "Sora." jk. Everything about BBS is great, except... when Captain Dark is on your nuts in command board (especially Secret Board and your opponents are nowhere near you) -___-
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    RE:coded one of 2011's first notable games.

    Re: coded one of 2011's first notable games. lol, watch when they eventually do get their KH3, their all gonna be like, whos that? whats that? whats this? what the f***!? I don't get it! How does that work out?! Who's the old guy? Whos the blue haired girl? The black haired Kairi? Theres two...
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    New FM details from Famitsu

    sweet... you can turn into the two most annoying unversed in the game! woo
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    What do you think the Final Mix Secret Ending is gonna be?

    I don't think Reconnect. is a game at all. To me, it seems more like a montage of secret scenes that are supposed to tie everyone to the story KH is currently in now or Sora. Hence Reconnect.
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    Quick Question

    So was the "mystery game" Nomura hinted at, at E3, BBS final mix? Or is the mystery game is still to be announced?
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    Something that People aren't Noting in the Secret Ending

    How exactly did they find Ven's heart? an actual serious and logical answer would be very helpful. Like, was it actually said in re:coded/ coded? I'd like to believe maybe Mickey really did meet Aqua again in the RoD and that what the next mystery game might be about, but I'll just wait and see.
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    How does one leave the Realm of Darkness?

    Lol thats not teleporting, they are using a Corridor of Darkness
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    Birth By Sleep Secret Ending Requirements

    This is what you have to do: Complete the reports section with all 3 characters (yes that means EVERYONE) Yes, you do need the friendship commands with everyone You need mickey symbols next to every single thing in everyone report making it a complete journal for everyone. But really thats all...
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    maester xehanort is riku's dad

    To expand the theory even more, MAESTER Xehanort probably is even Trema. Those Yevon teachings could of got to him forcing him to grow out his beard hair and wear those yevon clothes. Oh dangs! Trema is MAESTER Xehanort!
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    New BBS Final Mix scan.

    Love the skull board! I buy those expenive blocks where the yellow checkpoint is, max it out, and i always use pixie dust to make hook/peter lose some mad GP
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    maester xehanort is riku's dad

    haha MAESTER xehanort. He probably game hops. From FF to KH
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    Favorite Quote?

    hell yeah! that surprised me they said hell again in a KH game