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  • A forever indeed. I miss the good ol days. You, Kaze_Krazy, TheLonePickle, Cloud_Unchained and King_Gabriel running the fanfiction section. Wasn't TLP your twin sister or something?
    I useed to be PoxtMentalFerocity, and purified_riku155 before that, but then I took a name change to the face. Skyrim jokes aside, how are you?
    Hey man! Sorry for the very late response. I been really busy with school so I haven't been on Khinsider but only to see any new info on KH. How about you man?
    w/e format it is that only plays with the VLC player and sometimes avi. I use a program called "any video converter" by AnvSoft.
    I tried to use AE on my own but it was too confusing. Vegas I still like but i need a new version. which one do u have now? And could u pm me that tut. i'd like to take a look.
    Not at all, but I still have plenty of usable footage I've shows I haven't used yet. but converting them sucks. You still using vegas, or something else now?
    I will I will...maybe once I find these old files and some english clips to use. So you're doing paid video editing work now?
    Dudeeeeeeeeee finish it!!!!!! Though I really have no interest in persona it looks pretty cool. Tiny bit of lag/freezing in a few spots, but that could be YT's fault.
    mehhhh trueee. but lack of inspiration and software (^^;) is my obstacle lol
    I think the last thing I tried to make was going to be like those old toonami videos with the voice overs and a gurren lagann amv. Idk if I even have the vegas files for them anymore.
    I'm good. Spring semester started this week. So far all of my classes seem interesting. And I've already discovered that my English teacher is rude. Did you enjoy the holidays?
    Doing okay. Uni is a pain, but slowly and painfully working myself towards the mediocrity of adulthood.
    dawwwwwwwwwwwwww don't cry.
    I haven't done any amv-making in a few years =/ I still watch a few here and there though.
    Hey! Of course I remember you XD. I believe we both had a love for a certain band. :p

    I can't believe it's been so long. What have you been into lately?
    Hello!!! How have you been? I haven't seen you on here in forever! I'm so busy with school that I hardly come on here myself now. Lol!
    Lol I'm good!
    Had some random inspiration over the summer to make a tag, and now here I am again lol
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