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  • sp-spyells??? I haven't seen you in so long, I clicked the WoW thread and I saw that familiar pink text.

    How have you been?
    Ah yes. So you don't log out anymore? You just wait for it to log out by itself? xD

    Believe me, though. You have plat sized avie. I'm jealous! >:I
    Ah, I see.

    Looks like you still have the plat size avie, though. 150x150. Looks like other former staff members also have the really big avies still. :3
    Wow, you are actually on. I wasn't expecting you to be on. haha

    You still had privileges? I thought you where basically a normal member with a bigger avie and green username. Why did they take it off, though? Trying to lessen something? You are one of us now. lol
    Still, but then sometimes I get lazy to respond to everyone! Haha, but I guess that's my own fault isn't it? xD

    I would have loved to go at this time. Have you ever really found any KH stuff? Like merchandise or anything? I heard once that they sold sea salt ice cream? I really think they should have something of sorts in the park, honestly. ^^

    I hope you had fun! Also, looks like they took of the green username color. I haven't been on in a few weeks and it looks weird. I have to get used to your name in red now. :eek:
    Okay then. Maybe I'm just too chatty for my own good. I hope you talk to me when you want to, though! :D

    At least you took a little break. ^^

    Okay! I shall remember that! I hope! Disneyland on my birthday sounds amazing. ._______.
    Is that your reason for being hidden? I suppose, you could just not answer vm's, but I don't know about you, but I would feel bad. xD I get you, though. Sometimes it's just more enjoyable going on somewhere without talking to people. ^^

    Ah, I see. Well, I'm glad you got that fixed. It would suck if you wouldn't be able to come on. You little lurker, you. :D

    Don't worry. Everyone forgot to respond because apparently, I don't know how to sends simple links. lol. Regardless, thank you very much! It's never too late to say happy birthday! Make sure to tell me the exact date so I can tell you a million times plus more. <3 hah
    You are, you are! Why so hidden, though? I know I shouldn't be talking as I go invisible now as well, so... Blah! >W<

    I don't know... I suppose I just well didn't think I needed it anymore. What is the point of having it if I hardly went on it? Plus, I doubt anyone would have even noticed if I deleted it or not. .________.
    Really? What happened to your account? :eek:
    Wow! You sound like you are going to be having a great summer break so far! As for me, I don't really know what to do as of yet. I am really trying to change that, though. Honest! I'm tired of not doing anything for Summers... xD

    Ah, well Happy Almost Birthday! Lol. I never know when you come on, so I might as well say it. ^^ Speaking of birthdays, mine was last month! Did you by chance get the pm I sent you? I gave you a little shout out on my birthday! <33
    Not sure if you wanted me to see you or not? xD

    I'm good! Just trying to figure out what to do next. Oh, and really? I deleted my FB since October so I wouldn't know... Just didn't find a use for it! What about you? How have you been? :D
    It's no problem at all, but it was jeels who saved the day! Glad you're back!
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