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  • Download a video program XVid4PSP 6.0 BETA, much better than AnyVideo, it only has a loseless codec that keeps the original file quality at the cost of the file being a few gigs. The new version of Vegas can handle more file types better than the others.

    GTX's Channel - YouTube

    Look through my feed and look at the videos I favorited, specifically the ones near the bottom deals with tutorials while only using Vegas.
    Converting them? What format are they in that you need to convert them?

    I still use Vegas, dabbling in After Effects, but I can't quite get a read on how it works yet.

    A tutorial I saw on how to mask in Photoshop and convert it for Vegas use is about the greatest thing ever in life though.
    Couldn't hurt to start over fresh.

    Sadly no, still just a hobby that I enjoy.
    Yea, it's youtube. I'm surprisingly far along with it. But I'm taking a break to work on a video for a studio.

    But like I say, you should come back.
    I'm trying to experiment a bit more before I put anything definitive out yet. Mainly with typography in videos in whatever down time I seem to have.

    For Those Who Wait Persona 4 AMV Preview - YouTube

    I encourage you to return. Peer pressure and whatnot.
    I... want to talk to you more. It's been too long and that makes me cry a little inside.

    Brighter news, I'm trying to work on more AMV's and actually making progress.
    At first I just wanted to do that fanfic thing for kicks, then decided like in August 11' I wanted to see if I could get that namechange, so really I've only been waiting about two months or so lol.
    I opted for a namechange almost two years ago, but I reserved it. I asked if I could claim that post(even though I made another post) they let me claim my first post. So I guess my second post is also a reserve :O

    xD this name was supposed to reflect Aliquam in some way.
    Um I like IMs better I dunno, msn fb or on PMs if you want ^^
    I don't have aim lol and I just uninstalled my skype xD
    Hi, I thought since my prob revolves around problems of the heart then I should talk to a girl first ^^; hopefully you're not so busy. I would talk to the guys but I might later, sometimes boy's opinions work too lol
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