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  • I saw your sig and I'll give you the Aya brea code since I already signed up for Square enix and forgot to put the code in at login... you want it?
    Hey. Not quite sure if you remember me or not, but I thought I should send stop in and say hi.
    Tell me about it. I've put like, 3 templates up and I'm hoping something will start soon.
    I actually primarily came back to do some roleplaying! I've only made one template though, not sure if the rp is actually gonna start or not. Hard to find one that I actually like :)
    Hey! I stopped coming on here forever ago, but I do still remember you! Life's been crazy! How are you?
    hey tiamod remember me? i was wondering if you wanted to reconsider joining WOW? we need more members
    Really? That's great, I was disappointed when it died.

    But unfortunately I'm out of internet at the moment, and it might be a while before I can get back. T_T

    What bad timing. D:
    Hey, its been awhile, how ya been?

    You think you can give us another post on Kyle Bennett on the PW RP?
    There is going to be more to her than just killing her off, but I'm willing to hear suggestions. PM me what you have in mind to have with her as far with the story, we will see what we can do, and we will go from there. :D
    Its ok if you want to drop out of the rp, I actually got an interesting plot I can do with your character if you are.
    I originally had a PM I sent to another student I was mentoring on writer's block, but it was, on the whole, all about asking questions as you make your post. You might be experiencing writer's block at the moment and be unsure of how to forward the plot, but there are still things you can do in the mean time that keep you active and can be used to flesh out the world you're in or the character you're portraying. It at least gets something down until another day when you're feeling more up to posting.
    I've deleted the PMs since then, however D:

    But I'll get onto you with more detail about it soon. It's essentially filling the gaps that people gloss over most of the time in posts, which can also open up interpetations and perspectives you might have otherwise not come across.
    I'm going to be a bit proactive and guess you could use some help getting around writer's block?
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