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  • I say hooah. It HAS been a while. I manage to drop a post in every once in a while. How you been? Pink name I see.
    I've been great! Lost touch of almost everybody I used to know, Fantasygurl never gets on and most of the rest haven't logged in in years! You and Monkey are like two of the only people that are left that will actually respond! I found KL but he kinda just ignored me after a bit lol.

    It's great to see you again!!! This makes me happy ^_^
    Are you in college now? And I thought something had happened to you because you had suddenly disappeared. Glad to see that you're back! xD
    Where have you been? If you don't want to work here it would be nice to have a formal good-bye. And to at least finish the revamp. =(
    Hewwo~ Sorry to bother you, but is there anyone I can talk to about stolen fanart? ^^;
    Im so sorry G havent been able to been online due to losing my internet, im at a cyber now, forgot my USB had the border thing done..dunno if CME has made one yet. Iºll try to upload it as soon as I can, sorry btw G
    Quick Question: Should put "100 Acre Wood" or "One Hundred Acre Wood" for the page. I'm just wondering if I should go for what's grammatically correct or what looks better. :D
    Hey. Been a while GTX, it's LL. Anyways, I havent made an AMV in a while and finally got one up again. Would appreciate a review from you. It's somewhere on the first or second page of Digital Media, titled Sweet Sacrifice.

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