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  • Would you LIKE to join? Wanting her to be useful doesn't negate joining.

    I can only hope they won't get any worse at "using" her. So far we've had a comatose trophy, a name and a face for Namine and Xion to be cloned from, and a kidnapee because Axel's gay for Roxas >.>;;;;
    1) I love you for what went on in the Kairi haters have won thread.
    2) Are you a member of the Kairi HC?
    So I saw the fight in that fanclub. D: Just letting you know if you haven't seen my post already, I think that you were in the right regardless.

    Now, I do sort of wish you reported their behavior BEFORE the fight broke out and I do feel you were provoking some of it... you still did have a right to join. You said it was a crack pairing because that's what the damn thing was.

    The whole thing's a mess but hopefully it's settled.
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