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  • Lol no worries. I sometimes see you on my yahoo, but it always says you are busy and well I'd rather not bother you if it says that. Could be doing homework or something... xD I wouldn't know when the random days are though, but I will keep my eyes open. haha

    You don't always do. As long as you keep somewhat in touch, then I don't mind. Plus like you said before, you are busy and whatnot. Plus you probably don't come on here as much like you have said before. I lose interests as well, but I still come on to chat with people at least. The very least that. Or until another KH game comes out at least...

    New stuff in KH equals awesome!

    Well I was at Borders, but they closed it down already, so we don't really have a big bookstore anymore. Which sucks because that was a cool hang out for lots of people. I don't know where some people are going to buy some of their books. Have to look at the smaller book stores hidden around the city. I am sure they will find something. =DDD

    Well you beaten him already so that's good. I mostly just used surges and key raids. I also used my shotlock a lot, to finish him off if I was having trouble. What point of the story are you in right now currently??

    I've seen it a couple of times. Why do you ask??
    Hello =) when you mentioned the name 'candy' I think I remembered =) if Im not wrong I made you a Zack sig right? well hello there! ^^
    Yeah, we're here, lol but I haven't been that much active as you can tell by my belated response. Sorry about that.

    That sucks about your math class, I think it helped me that one of the classes I took in high school was pretty similar to the class I took this semester. It pretty much was a review for me, aside from a few things like the matrix system, nothing was really new to me. I would've been deeply depressed if I somehow failed that class, specially since I found the final to be difficult. -.-'

    It's been almost two weeks I still haven't played BBS ;~; but now that I'm free from shopping and all that holiday crazyness, I'm bored and so I will start playing again, lol.

    For this holidays season, I got nothing planned so far. My parents are out of town, so it's just my brother and me. We could go to my aunt's house and hang out with my cousins but I've been really tired lately. I wouldn't mind if I just spent Xmas at my house relaxing. For New Year, tradition is that all the family gets together and celebrates it. That's most likely what I'll do, plus the food is great, so why not :3

    What about you? What are you going to do?
    Te only way to get it to work on 1st Gen PSP is if you use custom firmware. I'm not big on custom firmware, but sometimes when it comes to games you can't play it is really helpful.

    I think updating everything would be very helpful.
    I don't actually get spam on my Yahoo. I actually only get stuff from like Facebook and that's about it, and maybe the occasional one from like game sites but nothing else. Though I am the one that eventually always leaves the conversations. =/

    I'll go eventually so that's all that matters. I'd really like to stay in a hotel and be there all day. I don't think that would happen, but you never know. Haha I just meant you say ''I see a lot''. Nothing wrong with it, just pointing it out. =3

    Yeah it is! Well I did end up seeing the movie and well it was a really cool movie. I hope you get to see it eventually! =) Yeah I hope you get to see it. I know how much you love Zack. lol <3

    Well I'm pretty much like that so, I probably wouldn't look up the details you know... =P I usually know what I like so, it's not really that hard really. Haha no I didn't get anything pierced again. We ran out of time because we were at our Border's which is closing and it really sucks because we won't have a place to meet anymore... I was tempted to just poke a hole myself, but I should probably let someone that knows what they are doing do it. Just to be smart. Only because, I want to be smart about it.

    Yeah I did play it and beat it. What's your question??
    To be frank, the kiss wasn't the problem IMO. The writing for that ship in the movie and the actress killed it for me. Bonnie Wright just can't pull off the fiesty spirit Ginny has in the books. Plus when she kissed Harry, there was no mention of her breaking up with Dean beforehand, making it seem like she's cheating on him >.> So yeah while I felt the ship was awkward in the books, I eventually got used to it. But I really hated it in the movies.

    It was the ONLY HP movie I didn't enjoy watching, period. It was too weird and awkward at first viewing, which is odd because a lot of great movie critics loved it. I came to appreciate it though, but stuff like the shrunken head in the Knight Bus just grates on my nerves.

    Most of them like the books, many hate the movies and only a few non-readers enjoy the movies. I can't discuss in depth with anyone here anyway because well in real life, nobody analyses such things. I'm the only one obsessed over the things I like from where I come from. Other people treat entertainment as just that, popcorn entertainment.

    I never thought that was possible. >.>

    Ron and Hermione. They are. Just. Perfect. In both books and movies. I don't ship, but I can only imagine them being together and no else.
    Oh yeah, so I know BBS comes with a firmware update, so you can have the UMD in the system and it will probably ask you if you want to update it. And I think there is a firmware update that came after BBS which you'd have to download via wifi or USB plug in (ver. 6.31)

    It will generally take a few minutes depending on your internet connection or if it is directly from the UMD. If it doesn't ask you to update when you put in the BBS UMD either you already have the firmware or you have to manually do it by navigating in the home menu under Game. It will be directly under the BBS UMD and look like a UMD with a refresh button in it. Click on "PSP Update ver. 6.20" and either it will take you to a new screen that asks you to accept everything or it will tell you your firmware is up to date. I can't remember how long I waited but I think it was only less than ten minutes.
    easy someone over where I work at slamed the trunk lid on my ring finger on my right hand seria but good thing is that its not broken
    We have watched a bunch of Christmas shows. My hubby has a dvd with old shows he grew up with and we have some on other dvds. We have also watched some on tv. I really like watching the Grinch. Both versions really. What is your favorite one? The weather here is sucky. Its all wet and rainy and cloudy and suppose to be like that for all day today and tomorrow. I think today I might just sit around in my sweats and prolly snuggle up under the covers a bit. :p
    Lol I am sorry... I usually have an attitude like that. I try not to, but it just always happens. Well I don't know what time you sent the message so I don't know when you where on. xD

    Well at least you know what they have and what they don't! I haven't gone in such a long time that I really don't know what they have at Disneyland anymore. For all I know they could have added all kinds of new attractions and I probably wouldn't even notice... =/ Not to be detailed or anything but you say I see a lot. lol

    Hehe oh thanks! I am really into pairings at the moment so I was like sure why not. I'll get a Tangled one with both of them together. They both are adorable and well I found good stock as well. Plus I've been begging my friends to go see it but well... xD Plus Traskix did a really good job on the sig as well! I am still waiting on the Zack and Aerith one too. =3

    Well I hope you have fun if you do go. I am gonna go to the mall tomorrow with a friend and maybe get something pierced and buy stuff! Really?? It's a sequel?? I did not know that... I haven't seen the other one either so meh... Plus I hope it's not like Avatar the Last Airbender. Just really cool looking but really shallow in story and progression. How disappointed I was in that movie...
    lol it's an emote the 8's are eyes with tears and the v is the happy mouth 8v8 see?
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