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Danica Syer
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  • Nice paragraphs! Love coming in the morning to read them! xD Anyways, yes I understand how excited you are! I should really look into this movie some more! Could be fun. Lol I don't judge on who people like. That's kinda cute actually. <3

    Well mostly if you want to chat, I always come on here to respond to vm's. So we can always chat here when you are available! :D Until I fix things. Not as fast as IM but able.

    It was too hot for me. Like really hot! Though they did invite us to the beach. Even so I could see fireworks from my house in the backyard. Mother wasn't feeling well either so, I decided to stay home too.

    Aww I didn't know you wanted Xigbar. If you do then maybe you can change your mind. I think Sign might have started Aerith already so I don't know. xD I just thought of you for Aerith cause we are like huge CC fans and well I took Zack and all. Plus wanted to be a set, but you should go with what you want. (>^_^)>
    Hi Danica! :D We haven't talked in ages, how are you?

    I'm good~ Just chillin' right now, and surfing the web. And making Moogles <3

    How about you?
    Ah yes. I thought it was Pixar as well. My apologies! Though you sure sound enthusiastic and excited about it! xD Nice summary though, it does sound interesting. Plus I'm a sucker for anything Disney/Pixar as you know. >:D

    I know! I miss those times. ;_; We were advice buddies as well. <3 Gahh... See these times I wish I had a computer!

    Ahh 4th of July was HOT! I didn't do much. What about you? :eek:
    Glad to hear! Yeah Sign is the one making them, aren't they cute? :DDD Just ask and she will make it for ya. We had long discussed this but, we wanted an ok to see if you wanted Aerith. So she will know, just remind her. Haha I liked match sets. <3 Plus I would like someone I knew good enough to be my right hand partner.
    Haha they are right! Once here you can never leave! You are proof as well! xD Ooh. What's this about a new Disney flick? I am like so clueless on things. :eek:

    Aww! Yet I need to still fix my computer so I can go on those places without lag... ;_; I miss our random conversations. I really do. <(ΛωΛ)>

    Yeah you should! We became fast friends. Oh right, have you seen all these moogles about? Well we where thinking if you wanted to join us? I was thinking of maybe Aerith for you since I took Zack! >;) Though you can choose others if you did want to. I wanna be a matched set with someone. xD
    Dawww.. Have you been coming on without me noticing? Apparently so! How are you? Are you still "officially" gone until July 20th? Hmm..

    We need to chat! I miss talking with you. ;_;

    Oh and Sign and I have a proposition for you as well. :DDD
    CANDY! :D *glompage* <33333333333333333333333333333333

    OMIGOSH, haven't seen you in ages! D:
    Oh thanks for the belated birthday wishes!

    Seems like I missed when you came on. I would go to those places but, it's kinda hard to do when you don't have a computer... :(
    Yesss <3 I'm so excited he's gonna be Peeta in the Hunger Games movie <3 that's how I found him. I've been obsessing over him ever since.
    Oh that's okay! I know how much of a busy bee you are, and I don't blame! Bet even on here it's been stale huh?

    Well no matter! On the brightside it's my birthday tomorrow. ☆May 12☆ So I'm stopping by for quick visits, though I might be on more on said date. Perhaps! Maybe!

    Just wonderin' how've you been these past mont.. holy cr.... it's already more than a year ago since we last spoke? ?
    Your request is done. I'm not sure you'll like it but if not then give me another stock and I'll do something else for ya.
    Its mostly just stress really. I mean I thought HS was stressful but being in college is 10x more than that. Since you have to deal with all of the expenses etc, but I feel a weight has been lifted off of me. As with HS though its kinda sad since I've made a lot of friends but I still keep in touch with ones in particular now via IM.

    Oh yeah I've heard about it and its extremely depressing since my internship was put on hiatus indefinitely, since it was going to take place in Tokyo. I've been helping with anyway I can through stuff like Red Cross etc so it gives me a peace of mind.
    That was the main reason why I had to leave for about a year as well. Just too much going on personally which takes away your free time, to come here.

    Oh maybe I'll check those sites out but I've never heard of them before.

    I've been doing well just busy, busy, busy. Also with this being my final few months in college doesn't make life any easier for me. But hopefully I'll get this interning job I was recommended to in Japan. Which means I'll get to live there for a couple of months so I'm a bit nervous about that.
    Yeah I took a much, much, much needed break from the forums. Now that I have a bit a free time I decided just to drop on back in temporarily, so how have you been?
    Hey yo. Haha. We haven't talked in a little while, but I just wanted to say bye bye. Since we talked kinda frequently. I'm not going to be able to go on the comp or internet for awhile... Though yes just wanted to say see ya. I'll miss you guys. :(
    Uwah, your sig is so cute ;3; I dunno what happened but Rupert got so much cuter somehow ;3; (Emma is obviously just as adorable as ever) ;3;
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