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  • Hey. Don't post in the KA RP until I say so. Trukey PP'ed my character and hasn't changed it yet. I'll tell you when he changes it.
    Talk about what, exactly? I just have it for roleplaying purposes, to make plans and the like.
    hey caden really like how your role playing is going along. my friend xiolio is making a roleplay too can you mind commenting hers and giving her advice?. its called final fantasy midgar.
    Yes I forgive you. It's just that PPing kinda gets on my nerves really badly. Seeing as everyone would rather pick their sparring partner, you can choose whoever, but it is your RP... so yeah
    I will post no worries. Just busy at the moment. Once I'm done doing what I'm doing I'll post.
    So it has come to my attention that your Keyblade Academy RP will contain spoilers from BBS. I would highly advise against that. Most people would love you keep it a surprise for them. Honestly, they would. I would highly suggest you switch this RP over an AU RP (Alternate Universe) Meaning there will be absolutely no spoilers or plot ideas from the real game. Make it completely original, like maybe turn this into a simple high school-like RP. Meaning there would basically be really no plot to begin with, and the people make the plot. Many people actually enjoy that idea, including myself, and I can speak for Chaos when I say he likes those kinds of RP's too. Plus, your RP is a 'what if' RP. So why the hell would you put in spoilers? All I'm trying to do here is to change your mind, and actually make this an AU 'what if' RP. Thanks for reading this ^^

    P.S: I couldn't find anyone yet for Terra.
    No problem. Didn't mean to double post, but I finished the Eraqus temp. It's shit, but that's all I could work with.
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