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  • Yeah that sounds fine to me, she's just gonna be quiet like usual though so good luck xP
    No I'm in other RPs too. Its not a problem handling more than two but RPs are a time commitment and need to be thought over you know?
    If you neeeeeeed me to take Aqua then I'll do so without complaint but you still need to give me some time to think especially since I'm very involved in another RP.
    I need some time to think about this as well as how I would be able to roleplay as Terra. I want to be different and I don't want to take Aqua, its kind of expected you know?
    Alright well I saw it. Its not too bad. The only thing that concerns me is the investment that the other RPers might have in it. Seeing their templates, I find it not too good a sign. PLus some of them seem to question the direction of your RP and seeing that it will strictly be AU then you may have lost some people who would like to use some of the cannon characters (like me, I would have loved to take Terra). Elaborate more on your plot just a small bit and provide us with a better foreword/preface/etc...
    Not all staff members are very popular haha.
    And I don't ever recall doing an interview. Where did you see one?
    I'll look into it :) and nice to meet you by the way! If you don't already know, I'm Passion :p
    I posted my master xehanort template. Sorry it is short. I wanted him to be full of mystery. And since I haven't seen or played the game I don't know to much background. Expect a other temp of my OC okay.
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