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  • Sorry for late reply but LOL. They hurt my armpits too XD
    But on a serious note, what happened?
    I do have this story I'm planning, well two. One is a crossover with KH/Lucky Star/Sonic/Pokemon/Naruto (set during Shipuuden)/Bleach/FF/ and Haruhi Suzumiya. The other is a Halloween story I plan to finish before the end of November.
    One of my favorite animes of 2000s and has the VAs from Funimation/Bam Zoom Entertainment. I like all the Characters except for Sauske.
    Remember how Terra was taken over by Master Xehanort, well he takes over Aqua instead. Terra and Ven battle Aquanort, but Ven was hit by a dark blast and his heart left his body. Terra continues the battle and breaks the bond between Xehanort and Aqua. Terra thern allow xehanort's free heart to enter his body and seaked it away and, Ven's Bpdy, and Mickey are in Yen Sid's tower. And the rest is history: Aqua takes Ven's body to Land of Departure which Becomes Castle Oblivion, Aqua falls sleep in Ven's Chamber, but wakes up 11 years later to find Sora, Riiku, Kairi, Roxas, and Namine there in the chamber with her and Ven. It sets post DDD, so Riku and Sora are masters. They wake up Ven and goes back to Radiant Garden to meet with Leon and the others. Aqua's eyes flash blue to yellow and Vanitas is revealed to be alive. That's the story in a nutshell.
    I'll update sometime this week, right now I'm trying to get KK's opinion on somethin'. (Plus I don't even know if the site will allow me send all of it :(
    A Pokemon Anime and Manga crossover that sets after Sinnoh League victors and during the Sinnoh arc in the Manga. Think of it as a way to show the regions of Ash's world to Red and the others. The story is not for haters, it's for the fans who care about the series. Plus, I have to make the Dexholders human as possible.
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