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  • Considering that I sent that message when you were both online AND looking at a roleplay, no, I assumed you were on for that very reason.
    Will you just f*cking listen to me? Drop the whole damn subject. Seriously. It's annoying to see you and him fight. Remember what I said.
    I called you when you were needed, and god forbid someone has to hold your hand for something that simple.
    Lol, still me, you're cool. Too bad your joke blew as bad as your twists though, otherwise I might've understood.

    Yeah, a big 'fruck you' too pal. Listen to nightmare.
    Nobodies on your ass, but you certainly like to act like you make that rp successful. Nah, you don't, got word of your 'twists' buddy. All I wanted was a couple responses like "Yeah, sure, I'll do it soon!" or "Okay, as soon as I can." But nah, you didn't, and gave off a bad first impression. You think I like being like this? No, instead you call me a technicality and don't give credit where its due.

    Who's the real jerk?
    Stop fucking fighting with Promise. It will get you absolutely no where except for a lot of people leaving. Me and him are basically the only reason about maybe 4 people joined. So stop. Please.
    I'm an asshole? Lmao, you haven't seen a damn thing yet, so don't try to be cool and brush me off like you're tough.

    YOU don't make this rp, others do, remember that.
    And do you do it, no. You have to be a hard ass and try rebelling about it. A response would be a 'nice' thing to do. My last statement still stands.

    And yeah, it was MY idea and Tenyas is helping ME out. Don't get it twisted, technicality my ass, kid.
    Yeah so just go fix the damn computer and get on it. Seriously, we need to sit down and talk about damn plot ideas.
    That's because you don't respond, smart mouth. Sad when I need to get other people to tell you things, so grow up.
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