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  • Lol, yeah, not I.

    But it's cool. I understand how school goes. Just hop back in it now ;)

    Do you get what's going on, or would you care for a summary??
    Ah, well that's no good. Work hard on your exams and than get back into after :)

    Speaking of, you want me to write in a filler for your character to keep you in the RP??
    Akans! You need to hurry up and get back in the RP!! It's all about to start up and you were fun to RP with ;D. LOL
    in the bleach thread amo got abducted so fighting with her is a no go, u can either fight sertsa or the cloaked figures.though to be honest i felt that amo would win that fight. also responded to the Sol thread
    lol yeah ^^ It seems like only yesterday, we could write as much as we want in posts, and not have to worry about it all disappearing with a single click lol ^_^
    basically the fighting has stopped between (ubi's)daaku and kale. a character of skitty followed them to another dimension thing. Izanagi transported to Hueco mundo and got captured by the arrancars.
    lol its no problem ^__^ And I know what you mean. It seems the problem has stopped lately for when I post, but I know its happening to a lot of other people too. Thats cool to hear that you're free man ^-^
    Hey man, I just wanted to say sorry for the super long delay in my reply in the dissidia rp. Things have been incredibly busy and it seems I've only gained a little time to try and write in everything, but I'm in the middle of writing a post now. That doesn't mean you have to stop yours or anything, as I'm think the conversation between Sleif and Sylfae could be answered in a memory in my post. That way you can write what you want in your post, knowing what the two of them talked about. I hope that situation is ok with you. Anyway, how have you been? ^^
    lol and inside of that Daaku is stemming something for the plot. I have twice already, but before people respond, Daaku gets attacked, or challenged.
    Oh no. Ice round were just regularly shaped ice shards, but the attack i used was a magic spell ;P
    Umm, yeah what you did in our battle is completely against the rules. You already posted your temp, and its completely obvious that the battle has already started, and therefore you cannot add anymore new abilities, despite if your character can learn them or not. Please change it so that Kilik didn't learn the Ice round, and besides flora didn't use Ice Round ;P.

    Also the Icicles are not actually ice, but more like they are energy that have the properties of ice.
    Hey, so in the RP, were you going to retreat back to Soul Society, or what? Cause I was gonna pop into Karakura town soon. So, we could like meet up in SS or I could appear in the real world before you leave... Any of those sound good?
    your location thing, i wasn't sure if it was a joke. but that helped me assumed where you were. i'm technical like 1/10 chinese, but i learning chinese in school.
    thats crazy and to be honest i thought u might have been in china since you knew chinese and the time frame in which you post is early morning for me, i live in New York its okay here pretty interesting people and lately the weather finally became stable
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