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  • I wish you were still here Akans, you were amazing, clement capricious was amazing, and I miss your writing...
    Oh, I understand. I hope you're able to to take care of those issues. It's been nice talking to you, too.

    Later ^^
    Yeah , it'a Wild and Horned Hermit. It's only being updated about once a month though, which is a shame because it's pretty interesting :(

    A lot of my favorite fan comics are ones that involve the SA group. Although there aren't a bunch, at least there aren't as few as ones that have PC-98 characters, which is really disappointing. I really do enjoy seeing Shinki as a mother to Alice. If I had the patience, I'd learn how to draw and make my own comics with PC-98 characters in there.

    Yeah, I remember seeing a little bit of it on youtube. I looks like they are going to crazy Flandre. I don't mind, as long as she's not completely crazy. I've never really like that portrayal of Flan, but I guess that's just me. It really does look amazing, and I really look forward to seeing it.

    I think I'm above average at best. I don't have a natural talent for it, so I have to make up for it by practicing a lot. The auditions went pretty well, although they could tell I was pretty nervous. They did like me and they said that they looked forward to having their in the fall. What about you? Anything you're interested in?
    :mad: I don't think I could ever find a garden gnome cute even with green and short hair, lol.

    Yeah, I wish some more of the other groups would get some more attention. Although, there do seem to be quite a bit of cameos in the newest comic that Zun's been working on (It's always nice to see more Komachi). Maybe ZUN knows how many fans enjoy the EoSD characters so he includes them more often. I mean, the majority of the works I've read were mainly based around the SDM characters.Although, I would like to see more of the SA characters though, specifically, Satori, Koishi, Utsuho, and Orin.

    And yeah I've been really busy with school, especially band. I'm suppose to go audition at a university to see if I can get a scholarship there, so I've been practicing quite a bit after school, and immediately falling asleep when I get home =/
    The drive form is for Keybladers only, to have non-keybladers be able to use Drive would be odd considering it would produce a plot hole in which "If non-Keyblader knights can use it, why not Shuraduo? Or regular people?"

    So kindly edit, please and thank you ^^.
    Hah, really? The series I've read that I like her puts her in roles that really make her likable, like as mother, or an older sister. And I'm not sure if Touhou started the green hair thing, but it's been spreading so that I'll pretty much instantly like any character from another series with green hair. Or short hair. Short hair is great, too xD

    I didn't really like her too much a first either, but after reading different comics of her 'charisma breaks', it's made her bratty attitude seem kinda cute.
    I understand about the other characters being more interesting. I really enjoy the Scarlet Devil Mansion group as a whole.

    No, I think it was the one with the needles. I tried using the homing amulet Reimu, but like you said it was too weak. Marisa's lasers are pretty strong, but she moves too fast for me and I usually end up killing myself by running into bullets xD

    Oh, and Happy New Year!
    Yeah, people do tend to make Yuuka pretty scary. But I think one of the main reason I like her is that the very few times she's shown being nice, it feel really special. Plus, I really like green hair, so I'll like any character with green hair (Mima and Hina pop into my head). The only exception is Sanae, although I'm not sure why I feel indifferent towards her. Remilia and Patchy both have a cute charm to them, and Koishi recently became a favorite because of this manga I read where she's sneaking around sampling everyone's food.

    I would always play as Marisa for that exact same reason, although I stopped using her when I found out that I was much better with Reimu-B when playing PCB. Oh, and I don't mind the late response, school's gotta come first. I only have one more day of school before I get out on my break.
    You live in China? That's pretty cool. And yeah, the Bad Apple video is pretty amazing. I think my favorite videos are Flower of the Sun, Locked Girl, and Blazing Heart. As for Megamari, I'm not sure if you've ever played MegaMan 2, but it's pretty much a clone of that. The story is that Patchouli gets tired of Marisa stealing her books, so she turns her library into a fortress. So Marisa and Alice go around beating up different Touhou characters, and then you go after Patchouli.

    I've managed to narrow down my favorites to Yuuka, Patchouli, Shikieiki, Remilia, and Koishi. I guess the only characters that I don't really care for are Reimu and Yukari.

    Oh and sorry about taking awhile to respond. I was busy with some concert practices and a performance, and it's left me pretty beat ^^;
    Well, this might be a bit long, but here I go:

    I think the first time I ever came across anything Touhou was this Roxas fight I saw on youtube and the background music that was playing was Extend Ash ~ Hourai Victim. I thought that the song sounded pretty cool, so I made a mental note to look up the game it came from, but it slipped my mind, and I ended up forgetting to look it up.

    Some time passed by, and I came across that automatic mario video that plays Kumikyoku Nico Nico Douga. I thought it was pretty cool, and so I looked up some of the songs that were in the video. After watching some of the series the video introduced me to, I gave the video another watch to see what else I could get into. I had thought the Marisa Stole the Precious Thing video was a little weird, but it was pretty catchy, and I liked it for some reason. Again, I made a mental note to look up Touhou, but it ended up slipping my mind again. Some more time passed by, and one of the people I subscribed to started uploading videos of him playing MegaMari. I noticed that it had the same girls from the Marisa Stole the Precious Thing video. I decided to download the game, since it looked pretty fun.

    That's when one of the members here saw that I put MegaMari in my "Currently Playing". From there, he introdeced me to the fighting crossover games, and then the main games. I don't like getting into new series once I get into one that really like, so I've mainly been into Touhou ever since then, reading different fanworks, watching videos, listening to different music groups, pretty much everything. Although, I still haven't managed to pick an absolute favorite character =/
    So I was wondering, how did you manage to come across Touhou? The way I found it is a bit of a long story, and I was wondering if you came across it in a much simpler way.
    Depends on the game. I'm pretty good at 6-8, with 8 being the only one I've 1CCed on Hard, as well as beating the extra. After that, I'm not really that good. I can barely beat UFO on easy =/
    Yeah it's a shame. I was disappointed when I learned that no one at my school ever heard of it. I was able to get two of my friends into it, so it's not totally bad.
    Heh, sorry if it weirded you out. I just really liked your sig, and since I was in a bit of a rush yesterday, I decided just to send you a friend request.
    i kinda want to, be interesting though i sorta worry bout ur modifications to clement, whats next his crosses now provide 3G coverage form any dimension and has a Gps built in.
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