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  • I don't change my name every two months, or get bored with names. They all mean something. At this point I've been on the site more than 8 years and have had like 10 names or so. Anyway its been a long time since you attempted to talk to me. You must want something...what is it??
    Oh it is still alive. Original Roleplaying forums just don't have that active members, compared to Canon Roleplay. Because oh y'know, they're busy IRL.
    Honestly, I posted. Like Cort needs to post as the head captain. He also has the desert held up after never posting as Ceon. Some things I shouldn't need to post about.
    Yeah, me too; me too man.

    Oh yeah, even though I LOVE Rescue, I did LOVE LOVE LOVE A Shipwreck In The Sand. To me, it's their best album thus far. However, This Is How The Wind Shifts brings me back to the Discovering The Waterfront days with a little of their new sound. I also love how they don't implement any electronica elements. If they do, it's only a slight bit of it. They definitely keep it old school, which is all fine by me.

    Do you got a favorite song from the new album? Mine is most definitely Arrivals and Massachusetts. <3
    Oh, have you listened to Silverstein's new album? It's not as good as their older stuff, but it's still not bad.
    Yeah, I bet it is xD.

    Well, just gotta manage that time bro. :3

    Yeah bro, he definitely has plans. I just know he does. I do hope Dar/Kid A isn't really going to drop out, but if he is, then I think Marko won't like it that Lunalie is dead. He gotta get pissed. xD
    Yeah, I understand that. I sometimes overbook myself with rps which leads me to not posting as much haha. Of course, like you stated, it's work for you, but dat money, amirite? :cool:
    Can I ask if you would be so kind as to give me a summary as to what is going on in your RP. It'll be a bit hard for me to read all the pages worth of posts. I know it's a lazy thing to ask, but it would get me into the RP quickly.
    I still hear screams in their songs, so that must mean one of the members must've stepped up. I also have gained a lot more respect for those who deliver screams/unclean vocals. That shit is uber-hard to do. It's not just a lucky skill that some are gifted with; it takes real talent.

    Lol I figured you didn't. Honestly, don't know why people give them bad heat. Sure their look is...not good(xD), but I find their music actually not being horrible, especially their latest album. I might not be a good judge of what some consider "good music", but yea. xD I like em~
    Haha, just coincidence. I've actually been jamming to their albums as a whole lately. Though, I am kinda preferring their cover of Gangsters Paridise.

    Yeah, I'm deff impressed. They did some interesting things. DEfinitely forming their own sound, and I think their leaning more into Alternative Metal, which could be the stepping stone for them in the long run.

    You like Black Veil Brides?
    well, i was thinking of a viral race, that originated via hollowification experiments. that sound good?
    question, in the bleach rp could we make our own original race? if so, i have a character in mind
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