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  • 1.) His "Sixth sense is more of instinct than another sense. He felt 004 lurking around through this. It is not an actual sense, but an instinct.
    2.) It didn't appear magically in his hands, he just put it away, pulled out his MK22, fired and reloaded 5 times, then ran. He then withdrew his shotgun, which he carries on his back. Also, an MK22 is a tranq gun, not your standard pistol. When firing, he used both his hands to steady and reduce recoil.
    3.) Well, that's why I never fired when running away.

    Again, I'm sorry I never added these details to my posts. Here, this is a little present for you to show my apologies. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSfbb3WHClE
    love ur captains ablitly, is it celluar control? cause thats pretty cool. np about the confusion it was me mainly trying to make sertsa look dumb
    Sersta's the visord. lans the sword. just wait if i release my bankai then it going to be real confusing.
    Thanks man, but he already wooped me all the way back to my mumma's womb. and it was in his first post.
    Yo man'g, these are for you.
    Well more so i created a shockwave that would send thousands of watts through your system that would gradually tear apart your organs. and i took over one mind, don't matter which one xD, and the mental XD
    Whoa freaky. Cef just said like the exact same thing!!! And I agree!!!

    Bad schools, with all their work and what not!!!
    Think Bleach, that is power battle, a big battle that could destroy the world, that is a power battle ;D
    Oh well that's good at least!!!! Well that seems kinda silly. And yes it is kinda ironic if true.

    Well that sucks.
    Good plan, if it was just the password I could try to help but I haven't the faintest clue what to do about China and their strong urge to block sites.

    WIKIPEDIA!!?!?!!??!?!?!? I love Wikipedia!!! And Youtube!!! Facebook I could live without but I feel so bad for you at the thought of no Wikipedia truly I do... China ish confuzzling!!!!
    Seriously?????? o_O

    Dude that sucks!!! Well hopefully it's just the connection and not that the site is blocked or something.
    Fine, your on..just remember you asked for it..but seriously, i think it should be a great battle man ^^
    ACK!!! Lol maybe not! Lol that can be a problem. Lol bad for the sites though.

    YAY!!!! Oh and I shall look into that, check first to see if you remember the password. I am friends with the owner he might be able to access your password and send it to you. Not sure if he can or not but check to see if you can remember it.
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