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  • sr for the sudden absence rl started to get in the way still want to continue treys and clements fight?
    Thank you. Actually I have an idea that only Piercing knows of. It's gonna be a really big plot point but, I like Clement and we might be able to pull a nice rivalry between them. You'll be the only other person to know and it might help you ith ideas for the rp as well.

    Also....that was by far one of the best posts i've read in a real long time.
    Hey can you do me a favor? In the KH rp, whenever Clement attacks our little hideout, you should have him kill and leave Cole's body wheer Cort and friends can see him and say that Clement left a note from the empire upon his body. It would help the story so much.
    lol, don't blame cause i'm a sci fi fan and knew how to use ur remaining teleport path out. but ya we really are gonna be in this one for a while unless one of us miss read or we call a draw.
    took me a while, still had to use some technoblabble. i had something else in mind but felt like this was the most appropriate course.
    Didn't i tell u this battle would go on for a while >_>
    Dang took u a couple of days but damn impressive coffin. i'm not sure i can get trey out of this.... wait random train of thought has told me a way to escape and i guess if clement wants to be dishonorable i'ma have trey be the evilest vector user ever.
    sr, i write confusing, basically two particle accelerations where in my zone of affection. i launched those two on a collision course, they would impact before being altered by ur shield. The particles used in the acceleration are in a volatile state so when the two beams impact they cause a huge explosion.

    then i would use the reaming particle acceleration in my field to collide next to me, timing it right trey would grab antimatter produced in the collision. The extra energy that was created he would jettison at clement.

    the end result of my post some sort of explosion( not sure what to call it attack wise) A burst of energy streamed at clements last location. and Trey holding ( not physically of course) a piece of antimatter.
    sr for the late response been dead sick and sacked with work. time to get back to licking clements butt :]
    hmmm ur on early then normal.... yep this tree has a sign that says don't touch wild life. though since u watched or read to arut no index then u have a decent idea what will happen to u if u get to close. though on my end i'm wondering how to end this myself
    >< we have a long fight a head of us don't we. I the master of motion against the master of space>< this is gonna be one for the ages.
    dude, treys launched those cubes at ya, don't know how well clement can take 3 by 3 cubes moving at high speeds in his chest.
    Hey Akans you're missing another E-Rank Jutsu in the Jutsus part of your character.
    oh akans u know i will if it comes to that. i've been aching for a rematch for a while. other peoplez keep getting in the way and finally ur evil finals
    akans i was wondering bout this, but we need to battle some how in the rp, i had to draw amo away because of the sake of story progression but otherwise we must fight some how
    Trying to get Nightmare to post and he always says he will, then doesn't. Sorry, I'll keep pressing his stupid ass.
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