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  • hey akans which area do you live in? cause i noticed ur only on in the morning time in my time zone.
    Yeh maybe....

    I saw that lol Daaku is certainly in tune and waiting for whatever you guys throw at him, or STAB/SLICE etc.
    ..........AKANS omg its been forever nice to hear from ya man. LOL ya I was finaly smashed down on the habit.

    Not much sticking with the rps mostly.
    No they don't XD; Mwahaha. And, yosh, apparently. P:

    I'm still a mod~ 8D Uhh... there was a request for new mods, so I applied for it and it was for the Creative section and yeahhh. Except only the people with pink names seem to be the active ones there. 8D; Not quite sure, but it seems like it sometimes!
    (oh gosh that is kinda creepy DD:) How're you? :]

    Same rank! ;A; They just changed it to a horrid colour. PIIIIIINK *hides*
    Lol I know what you mean ^^ I only know of the games cause of luckily I have a ps2 when I noticed persona 4, and I thought to myself, "Hmm, that looks interesting, I'll give it a try." And I've been looking for the games ever since lol They really are so much fun to play, and there's so much iin each game, even though they're all different in some way.
    The only ones I actually have played, beside that of both of DDS, which are really awesome ^^ are the Persona games, 3 and 4. The moment I played persona 4 I was hooked on it, its a terrific game, and persona 3 is just as great to play. ^_^ Have you ever had the chance to play them? Those DS games sound really good ^^
    the link is in my sig ok just put in your user name and for where it asks for the channle number put in khi k ^_^
    Nah, not in the least bit. I only know a handful of people that know it IRL and that's cause I introduced it to them.
    I have posteddddddddddddddddddd!
    I know he would easily be able to catch up with Joeseph, that's why he is trying to outsmart him. Plus, he is pretty quick when it comes to firing and reloading his MK22. He can probably fire 5 bullets a minute, or 1 bullet per second. Plus, 004 was close enough for the bullet to hit, so he wouldn't really have to worry about the spare seconds.
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