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  • Never mind. I had misread your post in thee first place. I has assumed you still thought that Zak and Maaba's son were two different people......
    Cool posts....

    (EDIT: Never mind the warning: I just re-read the post....I misread it...My bad)
    Awesome post....but this seems a bit jumbled to me: "the witch Zak the one that trapped you in a BOX Henry and Brii. Yea, he is back with some prince who says he is Maaba's son."

    Zak is the one that claims that he's Maaba's son. He's the only one. And the first sentence is too jumbled......

    Otherwise, cool post.
    Hopefully. I'll be on pretty much all day, since I surf at Panera like always. (I'll be off from 1:00 until 1:30, I have to walk to Panera...then wait for a table...>_>) Dunno about Scribbles. But it'll probably be settled today if all goes well.
    We won't. I just wanted to be sure....Safe than sorry and all that. It's cause I allowed Scribbles to use Gear in his next post, just like you used Daigoro during the Ogami fight. Me being paranoid, I guess. Don't read much into it.
    Yes okay. As well on top of this I have some ideas planned for ahead. So I need some major event to awaken the darkness inside. That could be just the one needed. Thanks for the idea!!!
    So we have a small problem. Bone says no Chapter 2 until he gets back. So we have to stall somehow. Any ideas?
    It's not like in prototype (where I assume you got that idea) I don't have to kill people to get their forms, I just can.
    It's not like in prototype (where I assume you got that idea) I don't have to kill people to get their forms, I just can.
    Nope, I'm just gunning for the other witches. I remember you said you had other plans for Touketsu and Charity anyway.
    I undrstand....This also marks my coming-out-of-my-three-year-retirement for RPs. I used to be an RPer on Myspace for two years before I quit Myspace.....Now, I'm trying it out here....among more mature players...And I;m still getting my bearings, too. :)

    It'll have to be tomorrow...Its late over here....Good night. :)
    Ok......I'll have Ogami and Daigoro fuse in my next post. That should stir things up. Fair?
    I probably will.....But what do you mean continuation? I though Touketsu would fight Daigoro until him and Ogami were both weakned enough to fuse and such.....It won't be much longer.

    And thanks. I got her concept from the chaacter Bridget from Guilty Gear, who also uses a Yo-Yo. The Guilty Gear series is known for it's fighters using wacky wapons. (One uses a guitar, One even uses a giant key)
    Meh kind of rushed my fight :/
    If you want after Darkfyre posts I can help out in your battle or anothers.
    It was awesome. WAhatever you intend to do, keep doing it. But I'll post after Lunar does. I GTG for a bit, so I'll b on later tonight. :)
    Well, I HAVE To make it interesting. If Gear just slkaughtered him, it wouldn't be much of a fight, would it?
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