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  • Lol, i guess, anyway i just made a interesting post, i bet after reading it you will want to know what happend and how the hell Ace knows Mel
    I'm still in. I'm just waiting for Scribbles to post, since I can't do anything till he replies....I had already told Lunar that a long time ago.....But, oh well.
    No No No thats fine, but as far as we know hades cant open portals. Thats all im saying. For things that can travle threw portals (they may be dark or not) well you still have needed to have visited that world to know how to get their before acctully being able to port their.
    All i do know though is if bone decides to turn on me, ( i really doubt it at all) ill probably leave this rp, for good this time, Im doing whats best for the rp, and if the people playing dont like it well they should go cry to someone who cares, unless they want to talk to me calmly and explain to me what they are trying to do then i can help them rewrite, and it will work out.

    Anyway if i leave this rp, ill probably start my own rp. But like i said i probably wont, i like this one way to much
    See and what i really like about this rp is that it may never have to end, it could go on forever, (or untill the character dies) Just because we stop the person causing the mutations and save the world dosnt mean it has to end there their could always be another enemy coming to take over what someone started.
    THANKYOU!! GOD DAMN! I think you just earned your way to the top of my friend list lmao. I know somethings i say may seem unfair, but if it really was, dont you thnk bone would have said somthing to me by now, ive been telling bone alot since he started this. And again Hades working with the shape shifter! Geinus! that would be a great way to start destroying worlds, but hes not going to leave the underworld for one. for two why would he want to be friend some one who just tried to kill his minions i would be pissed, and as for that heartless, it dosnt make anysense... last i remember no one could open portals except Org13, remeber Maleficent dosnt open dark portals they are her own, shes a witch after all.

    And another thing you cant say, i stabed you so your dead., everyone fights, there is always a fight scene. And if i were hades i wouldnt work with a nobody period.
    YOU GET IT YES! Light dosnt seem to, Its what im trying to point out, which is why i said no to the hades thing. With out detail everything falls appart. All i know is i acctully love that shape shifter idea, but right now he kinda also has way to much power for himself but i havent even commented on that. its just the fact of what he is doing is so wrong. Btw im now the planner and organizer, one of the main baddys is about to appear. This will have to do with whats going on, the mutated heartless and what not.
    lol, yea, lotta drama and he thinks he can get away with it! his character makes no sense at all... a body forgeing with a heart and yet stiill called a nobody, a keyblade that was made by his own body and a heart, this f'er makes no sense
    Yes, but there are always restrictions in power, (execpt for kabuto damn basterd) And no you cant blame him your right as you go on your character gets stronger no problem, but you cant get stronger just by snaping your fingers. In Rp, you need to think of it as in rl, what you can and what you cant do.
    ...ugh newbs... what to do what to do... Burn them all? nah, let them live... for now muahahahaha
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