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  • It dosnt really do much, its what gives him his boost, and its like wearing a org cloak, but pretty much it, it was given to him by ...well... you'll find out in my next post
    Lol, he did say, "Yea what he said. Im Toukan", i havent really got any other respawns from you since im kinda talking to a moogle, (wops let me post one more time to reply to what you said about santa,)
    Oh, well. Nowhere on the Intrneet is safe. On DeviartART, they have Trollface spammed everywhere.....but it isn't hamperingt browsing lik this Stimpy bullshit, though...

    I found oiut that you could use New Posts if needed, but that's only so helpful.
    The Moderators seem to know how, but theyr'e probably in on the joke, so asking them is useless.

    Guess the Search Bar is our best friend today....
    I got it when I went to check the Soul Eater RP...Scared the shit out of me....But I DID see it coming with the link on the bottom that appars before you click something....
    So i can't get to the roleplaying area. it links me to some other page... i dunno if its just me seeing god damn ren and stimpy everytime i click the area or not but whatever
    Well, what was I supposed to do when my plan wasn't approved? If it DIED I would get in trouble for doing something that wasn't approved.
    Sounds awesome... Basically will happen when Magic + Bone agree when they get on....
    I know!!! Your posts are good. That's why it'll be a pain. Or we could keep a back-up so that it does make sense. And was that last part aimed at me? Don't blame me for today. I've been as sick as a dog. Vomiting every where.
    So thanks then for helping me out by following the rules. That will make the deleting much easier.
    So that then he learns that he will need aproval before he posts. If he posts somethin unreasonable then I will get a mod to delete it. So then he'll be wasting his energy typing up his short posts anyway.
    So we will wipe the slate clean. Delete all of his posts involving Hades & the Thorn. I know it'll be a pain to you but it ends all of the bs that he's posting.
    So just leave it until Bonechill gets on. Then he will probably delete Gannon's post.
    I havn't been paying attention to what happens really. There's stacks of posts a day. So what did he do this time?
    (Whoa, calm down will all the Caps)
    Understandable. But I've been logging on and off the past couple of days....I thought you had seen me for sure. Still, thanks for the concern. It's nice of you. :)
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