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  • I'm sorry, I think I bit off more than I could chew between RL and KHI. I'm gonna have to back out of the RP. Good luck with TBB, and again, sorry!
    I was ambitious when I put up the temp but I tried to post in the RP I just couldn't find the right words... in other words I was put in a writer's block... I tried over several times to post but I just couldn't do it
    I was hoping Superbia would spill the beans for me but I'm giving up RPing for a little while so I'm pulling out...
    XD glad i'm not the only Based nigga around here #TYBG
    lol I'm not sure if you knew this or not...but I'm Ubi Ty.

    Come to the shop and request me if you want a new set bro. I work at Aliquam Revolution now.
    It's okay, I don't have an issue with the previous Tailed-Beast, it's just that I've been in a few before that mixed it, so I just wanted to know if you personally had a preference on which ones you wanted us to use. :)
    Hi, how are you? Also, in regards to the RP; I'm guessing it's the previous ones, but what about the tailed beasts? Can you make your own or does it need to be one of the previous ones?
    I've been doing okay, busy of course but who isn't these days? and thanks! Its good to see you back with another rp idea (which I plan on reading thoroughly tomorrow when its not 3:30am and I can think. Though it does seem pretty interesting from what I saw)
    Here's what I told kingdomkey96 about kido, the highest amount for now a character is able to reach up to is 16 but start off with at least 10-12 kido spells.

    Since your division is specialized in kido I will allow your character to start off with up to 14.

    Kid Here's the kido page in case you need it and if you plan on making a kido that's not on the list please include what type it falls under and the number.
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