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  • Work overnights, am a bit of a fitness freak in the latter half of my life, and a gym regular. I've made it a mission of seeking out some older members on this site out and meeting them, same with sending letters to my friends on here that live outside of the united states.

    Life wise, after college was over and done with i've kinda buckled down since then. I'm on the forums often enough, only recently because of KH3 being @ E3 this year along with a lot of older peeps logging in for the same reason. That dedication to the game itself, brings me back lol.
    Marks out... somehow did well in the class that mattered. What a relief.

    Weaponry to be pretty open for our interpretation. Generally try and justify technologically: i.e. magnetic waves, energy protection, radiation; we should have some sort of advanced metal for physical weapons, happy for plasma weapons or anything like that. Anything specific to mention in that hopelessly vague corpus I've provided?
    The shop scene's kind of a graveyard now. I founded two of the largest ones for a while, but you know how it goes dude, college, girlfriends, work, and all that other stuff happens. I pop in and out to RP and post with Chuman on here nowadays lol.

    How you been brother?
    It's been a couple years man, this is bone chill right? I've kinda had too many name changes to count, but I remember rp'ing with ya dude.
    Sorry bro, exams hit me like a train. Think you know what it's like.

    Those kinds of tough questions seem to be for a bus ride home - I'll be back to you over the next couple of days with a proper answer. Just wanted to apologise for my own quietness.
    By all means, hats are the sign of mastery of anthropomorphism. At what point does an animal stop being human? Surely the line has to be drawn with hats.

    I was thinking little things, like marginally increased strength, speed, resilience, toxic immunities, vision, etc. Like localised traits which one might reasonably expect to develop as a result of natural selection in the extremely various climates across the star Ocean.
    Like a kind of situation where humanity has spread across the stars, and each settlement has developed its subclass of evolutionary traits adapted to the land of the colony - plausible, and again, interesting.

    I agree with you, merely because it's easier to relate and put the human character ('soul' or such, if you will) to work, than some alien organism - see space-faring hippos.
    There's the joy, isn't there?

    I hadn't particularly considered it, but it could definitely throw some depth to the universe if one of us wants to devote some time to their background and makeup.
    Always shied away from it! I remember when we had the 1v1v1 with Orion and he scolded me for just making up garbage about lightning scything a hole through magma.

    So are we thinking humanity on the run from a broken-down Earth kind of vibe, or are we in a resource hunt or what? Intergalactic war?
    Rampant alcoholism, for sure.

    Either of the foremost or latest... if you have any preference, swing with that, otherwise I'd lean towards the space ship - feeling like new things.
    I mean at the moment I'm running dry - first things first, original or canon?

    Sounds like a good wedding then. Don't drink much red myself, but I'm told that I need to if I become a solicitor bahaha.
    Bro, I just have this hankering for getting some writing in at least once a week or fortnight. If we can come up with some basic skele-bones of an idea, would you be in the mood for carrying a small-cast Roleplay with me? Periodic posting, of course.
    Yeah, ours coincided with the Com games. Managed to get down to the track and field for the night that Brandon Starc took the high jump gold and our athlete threw some tremendous distance in the javelin. Congratulations for your sister! How was the wedding; open bar at least?
    Hahaha, mate the Great Brown Snake runs right through Brisbane. Crap the last few days have been rough >.> thankful that I've made it to the mid-semester break.
    Ahhh, see I'm on the other end of the stick. Needed an OP1/ATAR99 for Law at University of Queensland, so I had to take my flat 97.00 and settle for QUT. It's a menagerie of concrete and glass pillars, but I spend most of my time locked up in the library surrounded by books when I'm on campus anyway, so what's the difference to me? I would have liked the open lakes and courtyards at UQ, though.
    That's so good bro, wish I got myself together and organised enough to apply for scholarships. So what university are you at? I'm just at QUT (Queensland University of Technology).
    Hahaha, I suspected, or hoped as much.

    I'm just doing a Bachelor of Laws (Honours). One year down, three to go. Progressing mildly so far.

    How are you set up within the Hall? Are you receiving social benefits? I would consider moving to study at ANU if social welfare could stick me up alright. It would be a bit of a big decision, though, because I have been working for a small legal firm for over a year now, and the industry is quite hard to wiggle into at the moment.
    Christ, and almost to the day too.

    Ah, I'm just grinding on by, pushing through my degree. What are you studying? How's holding down rent in Adelaide? Can't imagine it's terribly forgiving.
    Hey bro! Long time since we last spoke. How've you been? Where are you at with your life?
    I know, right? Thank you! That's awesome to hear 2016 treated you well. Oh good, so I wasn't the only one who noticed a bunch of people turning silver. (I honestly don't know either. Maybe it was a delay with the usernames changing color like they were suppose to?) I'd say it's a mix of good and tiny bit of bad. I got glasses this year, said goodbye to three friends I knew, cause they're moving on to greater things (which I can respect and understand,) then my dog passed away around my birthday, and traveled three times this year. I can't think of much else that's happened, but my health appears to be decent as well. Thank you for asking.

    Last I heard the PS4 was around $250 bucks. Which wasn't so bad, except I couldn't buy it with the holidays approaching. I don't plan on getting the pro, since I don't have the television for it. And yeah, I'm sure I can grab one. Just need to save up some money again first. Oh wow, I didn't think people could still get PS2 games. That's awesome you have P4 though, and yup, a HDMI I wanna say is for your TV? Although, I could be wrong.
    I not only hope the first disc is released next year, but we still get it on the PS4. Oh right, it'll be cool to see what's announced for the 30th anniversary. Hoping the rumors of collections turn out to be true too. I wonder how long till we get an announcement about it? Shouldn't be too long, I think. (I wanna say FFN said something about it not too long ago.)

    Thanks! I've been dying to play it, and I hope it lives up to the hype. I avoided spoilers mostly by not touching the activity wall on KHI, then I deleted my old tumblr account, cause I knew people I followed would talk about it, and then, twitter surprisingly doesn't get a whole of feed about it. And I was grateful that Zephyr wouldn't post spoilers about the game on there either. And it probably helped I stayed offline during the time of its release, cause I wasn't home to have much internet. Otherwise, I hope you're able to play it soon too, and can enjoy going into it blind like I will be. xD Aw, but that's somewhat a good thing because, you know you'll get the things you want most for Christmas. When you put it that way, it would feel weird knowing what's coming in the mail. lol. As for myself, I haven't a clue because, I wasn't there when my mom when shopping for me. Although, it's been killing me to know what's inside of this box with my name on it cause, it's big, and it's not likely for clothes. However, I know a few presents are books based on what I could tell. Just not the box...
    Alright! That's awesome I got it right! So do you like sea food at all? Prawns are definitely bigger than the average shrimp. Btw, you guys don't eat the head of prawns, right? And it's nice to hear it isn't like that on Black Friday over in Australia.

    I wish you the best with your last year of high school, Chill. When you mention it, I can't help to agree this year went by remarkably fast despite some of the bad stuff to happen within the year across the world too. I'm doing good, mostly relaxing and reading every day. Trying to work out and stay motivated, despite the snow and all. Otherwise, feeling pretty good about Christmas being a few days away, and I got everyone a present, so I'm feeling solid. Thank you for asking!

    It's alright. I'm not on my game with the roleplaying section much myself. And CLASSIC has been at a standstill for a little bit.
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